Gingrich Web Ad: Vote for Newt… Because He Won’t Make Dogs Ride on Top of Cars Like Romney Did



Newt Gingrich is giving the Romney campaign a moment of paws (please accept my apology for that). Team Gingrich is even going so far as to bring up the maligned and mocked “dog on roof” story… along with some other tidbits:


If I ran the Romney campaign I’d retaliate immediately by issuing a press release asking “Would you rather have a president who drove with a dog on the roof of a car in 1983, or one that cozied up with Nancy on a loveseat less than four years ago?”

I was much more politically infatuated with Gingrich’s run when he was sticking to ideas and focusing on the need to vote out Obama, but I understand that Romney’s Iowa and New Hampshire wins have left Newt with little choice but to try an approach with more bite.

Author: Doug Powers

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