Bank of America Stadium, Which Could Host Final Night of Dem Convention, Constructed With Non-Union Labor


A couple of days ago I wrote that the Obama campaign was considering moving the final night of the Dem convention to Bank of America Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers. The large outdoor venue would allow the fighters against Wall Street greed to sell high-priced skyboxes and raise even more campaign cash, and do so from inside a place named after one of Wall Street’s biggest players.

And just when you thought the list of possible ironies and hypocrisy couldn’t get any longer:

Bank of America Stadium, the Charlotte, N.C. sports area that has been proposed as the site where President Obama will accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for a second term in the White House, was built entirely with nonunion labor, The Daily Caller has learned.

Brett McMahon, president of Miller & Long DC, Inc., told TheDC it’s ironic that the Democratic National Committee is discussing the venue as a likely locale for Obama’s re-nomination ceremony, since the president has long-standing political alliances with America’s biggest and wealthiest labor unions

Miller & Long was responsible for the stadium’s construction in the mid-1990s.

“The majority of the companies that built the stadium were members of Associated Builders & Contractors,” McMahon told TheDC. “It is a great example of a grand monument that was built entirely union-free.”

In spite of wherever the final night of the convention ends up (all we know for sure is that it’ll be a place that the Greek columns can fit in), unions weren’t happy with the state that was chosen to host the convention. Barely over three percent of North Carolina workers are union members. Lucky for Obama unions will still give him all their campaign donations anyway.

Author: Doug Powers

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