Associated Press Opens New Bureau in North Korea


Alternate headline: AP proudly announces they’ve agreed to serve as full-time global propaganda arm for Kim Jong un:

The Associated Press opened its newest bureau here Monday, becoming the first international news organization with a full-time presence to cover news from North Korea in words, pictures and video.

In a ceremony that came less than a month after the death of longtime ruler Kim Jong Il and capped nearly a year of discussions, AP President and CEO Tom Curley and a delegation of top AP editors inaugurated the office, situated inside the headquarters of the state-run Korean Central News Agency in downtown Pyongyang.

The bureau expands the AP’s presence in North Korea, building on the breakthrough in 2006 when AP opened a video bureau in Pyongyang for the first time by an international news organization. Exclusive video from AP video staffers in Pyongyang was used by media outlets around the world following Kim’s death.

Sure, and that video was used by the NK regime to figure out which of its citizens weren’t adequately fake crying in a genuine fashion at Dear Leader’s mourn-in so they could be shipped off for some re-education at their friendly local labor camp.

The NK regime will no doubt give AP reporters complete freedom to visit wherever they like and report to the world what they see unfiltered.

Author: Doug Powers

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