Hannity to Malkin: What’s the Deal with Never Praising Any of the Republican Candidates?

For some people, the crop of Republican presidential candidates has left their thirst for conservatism as unwhetted as Michael Moore’s appetite at a vegan restaurant. Sean Hannity is becoming concerned that the criticism this leads to might be playing into the hands of Obama when the general election rolls around, and last night he asked my blog partner and columnist extraordinaire Michelle Malkin why she seems to offer more critique than praise of the candidates — one of whom we’ll need to defeat Obama in November.

I liked this exchange because it was cordial yet pointed. Click the pic to see watch the video at The Right Scoop:



My view on on the primary season is that it’s sort of like boot camp, with the candidates being the recruits and the voters as the drill instructors. Part of the DI’s job is to weed out those who either can’t cut it or won’t be able to withstand the assault when the actual sh*t comes down. Primary season not as much a time for “hey, great job” as it is for kicks in the pants for purposes of course correction. This is training for political battle, not a Miss America contest (well, okay, sometimes it is). Hannity believes we must be supportive because one of these guys has to defeat Obama. I think voters need to be tough and thoroughly vet them… for exactly the same reason. Simply not being Barack Obama won’t be enough to win in November.

Then again, I’m speaking as somebody who isn’t completely sold on any of the final four yet. Your mileage may vary.

Author: Doug Powers

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