Florida: The Final Stretch; Update: Romney Wins

And I mean “the final stretch” as far as the Sunshine State’s primary goes — not in the “God’s waiting room” sense.

The latest polls put Romney back on top by about a dozen over Gingrich. Will Mitt take it, or will Newt have the eye of the tiger? Oops, I mean, will he have what it takes to win (I knew Survivor would eventually find a way to get back in the news).

Gingrich had been up in Florida for a short time by nearly double digits, but that disappeared so quickly the lead was either never actually there or Romney’s not really as far ahead as they’re now saying he is. It probably won’t be a runaway for Romney, though he seems to have gotten out to a lead among the early voters. And let’s not forget about Santorum. There’s always a chance for a surprise due to some last-minute disenchantment with the top two.

Meghan McCain writes that Newt should like totally quit the race after the Florida primary. I’m serious you guys!

Make your own predictions and place your bets! I’ll update tonight as the results come in (and I may be blogging at Michelle’s place as well… not sure yet).

Final question: How will Romney perform in the “cracker counties”?


Update: The Florida primary has been called for Romney. I’m writing a little about it at Michelle’s site.

Author: Doug Powers

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