‘Obama Girl’ Still Undecided in 2012


Still no endorsement from one of the most talked about pro-Obama sheep from 2008. As it turns out, being Obama Girl was a thankless job… literally:

She has her own critiques of the man she once supported.

“I haven’t really decided which way I’m going to go yet,” said Ettinger when asked who she’s going to vote for. “I’m still keeping my eyes and ears open. I certainly don’t dislike Obama. I think he’s done a lot of really great stuff, but he doesn’t get enough credit for the things he does. What he does is just never enough. For me, being Obama Girl, it’s hard because I get people saying, ‘switch to the other side! Make videos for Ron Paul! Why are you with Obama? He sucks!’”

“I want what this country wants. I want this country to be better. I want everyone to have jobs and for gas prices to go down.”

Her biggest critique of Obama, however, isn’t political; it’s personal: He’s never said, “thanks.”

And until you can afford to go to a $35,500-a-person fundraiser, he never will. Is that any kind way for Obama to treat two of his greatest supporters?

Note to the Repubs: Obama Girl is open to freelance endorsement opportunities:

“I would love if Obama’s campaign reached out to me this time around. I would love to hear from them and get their feedback about four years ago.”

It’s not just the Obama team that hasn’t actively sought out Ettinger’s endorsement — no Republican candidate has either. She doesn’t think it’s because her sex appeal has made her endorsement too hot to handle.

“[Obama] gave Beyoncé credit for being a role model for his daughters, and her videos are way sexier than mine!”

And that takes us back to what I said about being able to pony up at the $35,500-a-person fundraisers.

The headline for this same story at Fox Nation makes Obama Girl’s indecision sound a little more, er, personal:


So maybe she’ll come around in a few days.

Here’s Obama Girl in 2008, those happier times when the arrival of rainbows, gumdrops and unicorns (not to mention free gas and mortgages) appeared imminent to those intoxicated by the Hope & Change Kool Aid:

Author: Doug Powers

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