Obama 2013 Budget Proposal: Bringing Down the Deficit and Turning Around the Economy By Raising Taxes and Increasing Spending


Something here sounds very familiar…

I ran across the story below over at Weasel Zippers, and ZIP wrote that we’re toast if we have to endure four more years of this. However, I think we’re nearly toast after the first three years.

From the Washington Post:

President Obama will send Congress a 2013 spending plan that would raise taxes on the rich and pump nearly $500 billion into new transportation projects over the next decade, launching an election-year debate over the budget that promises starkly different visions for managing government debt and the sluggish economy.

As they prepare to face voters in November, neither the president nor congressional Republicans are expected to roll out many new or potentially painful prescriptions for slowing the rise of the $15 trillion national debt. After failing repeatedly last year to forge a bipartisan consensus, few in either party see much point in trying again now.

Instead, Obama will on Monday reprise recommendations he unveiled last fall that seek to reduce borrowing by more than $3 trillion over the next decade while spending more in the short term to bring down persistently high unemployment.

They’re still faithfully clinging to the Biden Model, which is to spend money like crazy to keep from going bankrupt. I understand though that it’s an election year and that half trillion pork promise is chum in the water to keep any disgruntled union sharks and assorted cronies following the SS Hope & Change through another voting cycle.

Okay, there may be increased spending — so where’s Obama getting the lion’s share of his deficit reductions from? Phantom numbers from a bookkeeping sleight of hand: wars that weren’t going to be fought anyway:

To achieve his debt-reduction goal, Obama would rely on an accounting maneuver that permits him to claim about $850 billion in savings over the next decade by ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a move Republicans have rejected as a gimmick. Obama would use a portion of those savings to finance new road and rail projects, rather than dedicating the full sum to lower deficits.

Obama is also expected to claim to have reduced the debt by another half trillion by not going to war against Denmark in 2015.

Funny how money “saved” on wars that were going to end anyway is considered debt reduction, but suggesting that they don’t spend a half-trillion on more pork programs and “stimulus” that didn’t work the first time is considered a preposterous notion that will increase the debt.

We must get out of this insane parallel universe and back to reality. Hopefully Election Day in November is a step in that direction. We’ll see.

Author: Doug Powers

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