Some of the $300 Billion ‘Stimulus’ in Obama’s Proposed 2013 Budget Would Be Spent This Year

“This year” is otherwise known as an election year. What a, uh, surprise:



The best votes your money can buy.

Obama’s plan to fix the economy by repeating all the previous initiatives that have made the economy worse and driven up the debt will be unveiled this morning in Virginia.

The proposal will also include $8 billion on jobs training programs at community colleges. Isn’t a “jobs training program” what college is already supposed to be?

Update: Heh… Emanuel Cleaver called Obama’s proposed budget “a nervous breakdown on paper.” Even the lefties are getting tired and skeptical of the same old tricks. Except that Cleaver’s skeptical because he thinks Obama’s cuts are too deep, but anybody familiar with those sleight-of-hand accounting tricks knows there will be no real cuts.

Author: Doug Powers

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