Rep. John Conyers: Beacon of Legislative Consistency

Here in Michigan, we’re real proud of the consistency of Detroit Rep. John Conyers. As you might recall, he admittedly didn’t read the health care bill, so if he didn’t care to read something that monumental, you’d probably guess he wouldn’t care to read smaller bills, such as the payroll tax cut and unemployment extension. And you’d be correct:

Following the passage of the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits extension, Democratic Michigan Rep. John Conyers, the ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, explained to The Daily Caller how he had not read the legislation prior to voting for it.

Conyers was asked by TheDC why he supported the legislation when the payroll tax cut portion of the bill was not funded by spending cuts.

“Well, I could vote yes or I could vote no. I voted yes because I didn’t want a payroll tax to be restored on working people and besides I wanted the doc fix in there too,” Conyers told TheDC on Capitol Hill Friday.

TheDC also asked Conyers if he read the bill before voting for it.

“I did not read the bill before it was voted on. I’ve been following it for about 8 months,” he said.

I have to give him points for honesty. Knowing that your constituency consists of idiots who will re-elect you no matter what must be very liberating:

But guess what Conyers does have time to read.

Author: Doug Powers

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