Pelosi Pitches Campaign Finance Reform on the Colbert Report

On one side of the table is a parody of the body politic who appears on television daily to make a mockery of our government and all it stands for — and on the other side is Stephen Colbert.

From The Hill:

“If we want to cancel elections and just have the wealthiest people in America, and you know what their names are, give millions and tens of millions, we can just ask them who do they want to be president, who do they want to run Congress, who do they want to be governor,” Pelosi said attacking current campaign finance laws.

“That would be polite,” Colbert jokingly responded.

“That would be a plutocracy,” Pelosi said. “We are a democracy and our founders intended that the people would decide.”

Wow… Pelosi’s got some surprisingly harsh words for the Obama campaign’s flip on Super PACs, doesn’t she? Of course not. Nancy knows that Obama only went full hypocrite on Super PACs in order to selflessly save America from the Koch brothers. She’s only referring to Republicans here — Obama’s doing the same thing but for completely altruistic reasons:

Author: Doug Powers

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