Flashbacks to a Time Forever Ago When High Gas Prices Were the Fault of White House Policies

I’m only 45 years of age but I don’t think I’ve ever felt older than I have these past few weeks. Suddenly I’ve turned into one of those “I remember back when…” people who reminisces about how things used to be “back in the day.” What makes it bizarre is that “back in the day” in this instance is just four years ago.

These days President Obama is saying there’s no quick fix to gas prices and that there’s really no rapid political solution to bringing them down. Anybody saying otherwise is just playing politics, according to Democrats (check out this New York Times headline from 2006).

Back when George W. Bush was president, it was a different story:


Have you noticed that the Democrats haven’t really attacked oil companies and their “huge profits at the expense of middle class Americans at the pump” yet? That’s their usual kneejerk reaction. Why not? Maybe they’re saving it for October. They know they’ll still get their share of Big Oil campaign cash as they did in ’08, and it could be one of the only cards they have left to play right before the election if prices stay up.

(h/t HAP)

Author: Doug Powers

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