Jesse Jackson: Show Your Love and Appreciation to Obama for Being the ‘Food Stamp President’

A while back the White House denied Newt Gingrich’s charge that Obama is the “food stamp president,” a title they instead tried to bestow upon, you guessed it, George W. Bush.

According to Jesse Jackson this past weekend, Team Obama should wear the title as a badge of honor.

Transcript from Newsbusters:

Say, it’s an honor to be a food stamp president. Food stamps feed the hungry. Food stamps save the children. Food stamps help the farmer. Food stamps help the truck driver. Food stamps help the warehouse. Food stamps help the store. Food stamps hire people and feed people. Food stamps save people from starvation and malnutrition. Whenever you attack feeding the hungry, you undermine the moral authority of our faith. Give President Barack Obama a big hand. Show your love. Show your appreciation.

So it’s settled then… food stamps for everybody! Nobody will ever take them away! They can take our lives, but they can never take our food stamps!

At times Jessie Jackson sounds like the William Wallace of the dependency culture.

“Keep food stamps alive!” What an inspiring message that is sure to motivate the impoverished to seek to improve their lives and encourage the jobless to find a job:

Author: Doug Powers

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