Obama ‘Hope’ Poster Artist Faces Jail Sentence

If Obama wants this guy to toady up and help with the campaign again this year, he’ll probably have to cough up some bail money.

From the New York Post:

The artist who created the iconic “HOPE” poster for President Obama’s 2008 campaign faces up to six months in the slammer for lying in court papers about the source of his inspiration.

Prosecutor Daniel Levy said the feds will likely seek “some term of imprisonment” after Shepard Fairey pleaded guilty yesterday to a misdemeanor charge of contempt.

Fairey, 42, admitted undertaking an elaborate scheme to make it seem that he used one Associated Press photograph of Obama “as a reference” for his famous image, when in reality he had used another AP image.

He made the false statements as part of a lawsuit he brought against the AP to block a potential copyright claim.

From top to bottom, everything about this administration is and always was based on lies, schemes and contempt, so why would anybody expect the guy who came up with the poster that represents it all to be any different?

FLOTUS Returns from Aspen Ski Vacation at Billionaire Donor’s Home to Preach About Sharing the Wealth

The usual battle cry on the SS Hope & Change: Damn the optics, full steam ahead!

Michelle Obama went to Aspen for another vacation, stayed at the home of a billionaire donor, and then went to Cincinnati to tell everybody else they should share their wealth:

First lady Michelle Obama has joined her husband’s bandwagon to hit the rich and spread the wealth, questioning how well-off families can feel good if others are struggling.

To about 300 supporters wealthy enough to pay $300-$10,000 to attend the mid-day event, the first lady said, “If a family in this country is struggling, we cannot be satisfied with our own families’ good fortune.”

She also rapped the rich, as has her husband. “Who do we want to be?” Obama asked. “Will we be a country where success is limited to the few at the top? This country is strongest when we are all better off.”

If Michelle wanted her audience to share the wealth with the less fortunate, why didn’t she ask them to give the $10,000 to charity instead of accept it on behalf of her husband’s campaign? After all, Team Obama will only burn that money trying to get re-elected so they can continue to pile up an unprecedented debt burden on the “less fortunate” they claim to want to share the wealth with.

I see the Obamas and their cronies sharing a lot of debt with Americans… but the wealth, they keep that between each other.

(h/t American Glob)

Another Obama Fundraiser-Turned-Ambassador Leaves a Mess


Wow, let it never be said that President Obama doesn’t choose ambassadors that share his (mis)management style:

Candidate Barack Obama promised to end the time-honored American practice of appointing ambassadors who have no experience in foreign policy, but President Obama has completely ignored that promise, appointing fundraisers to dozens of ambassadorships all over the world.

Today, the State Department revealed that another fundraiser turned ambassador ran her embassy into the ground … only to return to fundraising and leave the State Department to pick up the pieces.

According to a new State Department inspector general’s report on the U.S. Embassy in the Bahamas, Ambassador Nicole Avant presided over “an extended period of dysfunctional leadership and mismanagement, which has caused problems throughout the embassy” since she was appointed by the president in 2009. Prior to being America’s envoy in the Caribbean, Avant was Southern California finance co-chairwoman of Obama’s presidential campaign and vice president of Interior Music Publishing.

According to her glowingly positive Wikipedia page, Avant spent her time in the Bahamas “focused on five priority initiatives: Education, Alternative Energy, Economic and Small Business Development, Women’s Empowerment and Raising awareness of the challenges facing people with disabilities.”

But according to the State Department’s internal investigation, Avant was away from the embassy an inordinate amount of time — mainly shuttling back and forth to her home in Los Angeles — and when she was in town, she worked from her residence most of the day.

Avant was absent from the embassy 276 days between September 2009 and November 2011, including 102 “personal” days and 77 “work travel” days to the United States, of which only 23 were on official orders.

“Her extensive travel out of country and preference to work from the Ambassador’s residence for a significant portion of the work day contributed to a perception of indifference,” the report states. “The frequent absences of the Ambassador contributed to poor mission management.”

Hauntingly familiar, isn’t it? How this woman didn’t end up in Obama’s cabinet is beyond me. Of course, according to Obama, he’s got five years left in his presidency, so maybe we’ll be seeing more of Nicole Avant.

She’s since been dispatched to Hollywood to mend fences between Obama and temporarily disgruntled whiffle-brained Tinseltown lefties who will end up voting for him again anyway.

Read about yet another Obama supporter-turned-ambassador who was a mismanagement disaster here.

Team Obama Must Be Irish, ‘Cause Their Blunders are Dublin

Social, political and diplomatic blunders are nothing new to the Obama administration, but at least they’re making money on this one.

What’s wrong with the picture on this Obama St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt?


The answer:

The e-mail from the Obama campaign found the right target: Dave Hunt, lifelong Democrat from Upper Manhattan and owner of an Irish saloon, had contributed to President Obama’s 2008 victory drive.

Now, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, barackobama.com was peddling “O’Bama” T-shirts, playing on the president’s wee trace of Irish blood and his joke on a visit to Ireland last year that he had “come home to find the apostrophe that we lost somewhere along the way.”

But Mr. Hunt, an owner of Coogan’s in Washington Heights, noted something wrong with the message on the T-shirt itself: below the “O’Bama” was a large four-leaf clover. The shamrock, symbol of Ireland, is a three-leaf clover.

So much debt is represented that three leaves just couldn’t contain it all on the Obama version.

As we speak, somebody from Team Obama is on the phone trying to convince the Taoiseach to change that country’s symbol to a four-leaf clover so Ireland doesn’t end up being embarrassed for having had it wrong for so long.

Pelosi Pitches Campaign Finance Reform on the Colbert Report

On one side of the table is a parody of the body politic who appears on television daily to make a mockery of our government and all it stands for — and on the other side is Stephen Colbert.

From The Hill:

“If we want to cancel elections and just have the wealthiest people in America, and you know what their names are, give millions and tens of millions, we can just ask them who do they want to be president, who do they want to run Congress, who do they want to be governor,” Pelosi said attacking current campaign finance laws.

“That would be polite,” Colbert jokingly responded.

“That would be a plutocracy,” Pelosi said. “We are a democracy and our founders intended that the people would decide.”

Wow… Pelosi’s got some surprisingly harsh words for the Obama campaign’s flip on Super PACs, doesn’t she? Of course not. Nancy knows that Obama only went full hypocrite on Super PACs in order to selflessly save America from the Koch brothers. She’s only referring to Republicans here — Obama’s doing the same thing but for completely altruistic reasons:

Newt Whacks MSM Again

Anybody watch the debate last night? I had it on but was otherwise too busy to blog about it. My favorite moments are often when Newt Gingrich slams the MSM for their Obama bias by bringing up the things that weren’t worth mentioning in the 2008 Dem debates vs. what’s newsworthy enough to be considered a “controversy” in 2012 GOP debates.

Gingrich had another good moment last night:

Somewhat related: The WSJ’s James Taranto noticed something funny about the media’s religious coverage — what’s a “big deal” in 2012 vs. what earned a collective MSM yawn in 2008:


Another Clown Under the Obama Administration Big Top Hails Unemployment Checks as ‘Economic Stimulus’

Our economy is in the most capable of hands. So far various Keynesian snake oil vendors at the Hope & Change Circus have said that food stamps are stimulus, that government regulations are great job creators and that unemployment checks help stimulate the economy.

Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett doubled-down on the latter recently:

If it’s such great stimulus then why not just have everybody lose their jobs and go on unemployment in order to jump-start the economy? (re-elect Obama to see that played out in full)

People who consider unemployment checks as “stimulus” probably shouldn’t be trusted anywhere near America’s economy. The only way unemployment will be stimulus for America is when Team Obama are the ones who are unemployed.

(h/t Gateway Pundit)

Obama Pats Self on Back for Boeing’s Sale of 230 Planes to Indonesian Company

Indonesia’s Lion Air is buying 230 Boeing jets, and as you’ll see below, President Obama is pushing hard to be named “Salesman of the Month.” Obama didn’t just pat himself on the back — he said he deserved a gold watch for helping close the deal:


Flying under the radar though is the usual devil in the details: It’s US taxpayers who deserve the gold watches for the sale:

How do you stump up the money for a $22 billion aircraft deal?

The case of Indonesia’s Lion Air, which signed a record order with Boeing this week, is typical of many mega-aircraft deals: with a little help from the taxpayer.

The U.S. government is offering loan guarantees to help the low-cost carrier buy 230 jets, under a system operating on both sides of the Atlantic to promote exports of strategic goods such as the jetliners built by Boeing or rival Airbus.

In theory, it means U.S. taxpayers could pick up part of the tab if the deal falls through.

It’s okay, we’re used to that.

Obama Campaign Confirms Prescience of The Onion

A while back, the satire site The Onion produced this story about Obama’s re-election efforts playing on sympathy for his children: Obama begs voters not to make his daughters switch schools

Sure enough, Team Obama must have seen that and thought “hey, that’s a good idea!” Because now we’re seeing the President’s daughters more and more:


Why willingly drag your kids into what’s sure to be a nasty, ugly mess? It’s called desperation:

A new Internet ad by the president’s reelection campaign features a portrait of the first family asking supporters to “help the Obamas stand up for working Americans.” The appeal, a departure from the typical Obama messaging, provides an early glimpse of the role the president’s wife and daughters are likely to play in his campaign.

In the months to come, political strategists expect to see the first family used as a political asset.

“The value of the family is enormous,” said Democratic pollster Celinda Lake. “The more you know this family and the more you think of Barack Obama in these terms, the harder it is to vilify him.”

During his presidency, Obama’s children have rarely been featured in such an overtly political way. He has been pointed about leaving family members, especially his children, out of politics. But with the first lady enjoying high popularity, his family may become an important factor this year.

Well heck, if they think they have to bring in FLOTUS and the girls because they’re a lot more popular than you-know-who, I can help the Obama campaign make the above ad even more effective:


You’re welcome.

(h/t Weasel Zippers)