Pelosi Says SCOTUS Will Uphold Obamacare Because ‘I Know the Constitution’


We might laugh, but in fairness to Stretch, people don’t usually accuse her of not knowing the Constitution — they accuse her of wiping her a$$ with it.

From CNS News:

At a Capitol Hill press conference on Thursday, a reporter asked Pelosi, “Madame Leader, the Supreme Court is getting ready to rule in the next month or so on the health care bill, and you’ve expressed pretty high confidence – I think you said 6-3 – but I’m just wondering if Democrats and the Democratic leadership have had any discussions or meetings to plan for any sort of contingency plan given the possibility that the court could strike any provisions from the law or the whole law, I’m wondering if Democrats are having any meetings to discuss contingency plans?”

Pelosi, in reference to how the nine-judge court will rule, said, “6-3. That’s it. 6-3.”

She was then asked why she was so confident about her prediction, “Do you have a crystal ball or what is your confidence — you wrote the bill but why do you have this confidence?”

Pelosi said: “Because I know the Constitution. This bill is ironclad. It is ironclad.

Ironclad… like one of Nancy’s stock tips.

Massachusetts Governor Throws Self on Grenade to Save Noted Fake Cherokee Indian

Chivalry is not dead in the Massachusetts Senate race. Nor are the attempts to bury the tale of Fauxcohantas.

At a press conference where Governor Deval Patrick was announcing his support for Marxist fake Indian and breast-feeding pioneer Elizabeth Warren, a reporter was asking a question about Lie-awatha’s alleged “Cherokee heritage” when Patrick not only stepped in, but used the powers of his office to declare it a subject nobody cares about:

At the event, Gov. Patrick stepped in and responded to a question about Warren’s ancestry from FOX 25’s Sharman Sacchetti.

In part, Gov. Patrick replied, “On behalf of the people of the Commonwealth, we don’t care about that subject.”

Well, in that case, let’s move on. Nothing says “nobody really cares about this subject” more than a politician saying “nobody really cares about this subject.” You know what that means… cue Drebin:


Video of the heroic Governor throwing himself on a reporter’s grenade in order to save “Dances With Identity Fraud” comes to us from Fox Boston by way of Jim Geraghty:

Latest Layoffs Courtesy of Obamacare

The Democrat Convention is coming up soon in Charlotte, North Carolina, so maybe these soon to be laid off workers can walk over and ask the Dems about their glorious signature piece of legislation:

In the warped minds of Nancy Pelosi and company, the above story is proof that it’s a good thing the Dems passed the law — because now those newly unemployed individuals will still have health care coverage. Thank God the Democrats are here!

Update: On the topic of socialized medicine, check out this 50 year old warning featuring Ronald Reagan:

(h/t Hope for America)

Naturally: Obama Awards Medal of Freedom to Honorary Chair of the Democratic Socialists of America

This is the political equivalent of recognizing Michael Moore for his tireless efforts to promote fitness:


Birds of a feather:

President Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday to Dolores Huerta, an 82-year-old labor activist and co-founder of the United Farm Workers union.

Huerta is also an honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America.

DSA describes itself as “the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International.”

Huerta has claimed, “Republicans hate Latinos,” and has spoken fondly of Hugo Chavez’s despotic regime in Venezuela.

Not that you would be, but if you’re still in doubt about Huerta’s socialist street cred, Hilda Solis really likes her too.

NYT: Nobel Peace Prize Winning President Personally Oversees ‘Kill List’


Peacenik lefties, is this the Hope and Change you were looking for?

Barack Obama has insisted on personally approving a ‘kill list’ of Al Qaeda terrorists who should be hunted down and executed, according to reports.

The U.S. president requests that his advisers draw up ‘baseball cards’ with pictures and biographies that he pores over to see who should live and who should die.

As part of the bizarre ‘nomination’ process he then retires for personal reflection to work out whether or not to order a drone strike to take them out.

No president in history has taken such a singular role in deciding such matters, The New York Times reported.

Wait… waterboarding terror suspects is a crime against humanity, but personally selecting them to be blown into a thousand pieces based on info from a bubble gum card is acceptable? And this is the same President who was about to insist upon having terror suspect trials in civilian courts until realizing what a PR disaster it would be?

I don’t buy the whole story. It sounds like more “gutsy call” puffery handed off to the Times in an election year when The One has nothing else to work with.

Idea for a sitcom episode: Barack and Michelle accidentally get his target “kill list” and her Target “grocery list” switched around. Craziness ensues. Joe Biden guest stars as the wacky neighbor with a heart of gold and a brain of aluminum.

How to Turn a Memorial Day Address Into a Campaign Speech in One Sentence

He just can’t help himself:

“For the first time in nine years, Americans are not fighting and dying in Iraq,” Obama said. “We are winding down the war in Afghanistan and our troops will continue to come home. After a decade under the dark cloud of war, we can see the light of a new day on the horizon. Especially for those who’ve lost a loved one, this chapter will remain open long after the guns have fallen silent.”

Full transcript here.

On the topic of veterans, the latest Gallup poll found that vets favor Romney over Obama 58 percent to 34 percent. This will be the first presidential election since 1944 where neither candidate has a military background.

Meanwhile, far left loons weighed in and kept it classy — none of which was unexpected. And then there’s this idiot. By the way, these aren’t Republicans. Maybe that would help explain the above poll a little bit.


This is rich. Yesterday the President said “some Americans turned their backs” on returning Vietnam soldiers. Yeah, we know.

Memorial Day 2012

“He which hath no stomach to this fight let him depart. But we in it shall be remembered. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers!! For he today, that sheds his blood with me, shall always be my brother. Rest in peace brave soldier, you have not been forgotten.” — W. Shakespeare


My family is headed to the local Memorial Day parade soon, but I wanted to wish all my readers who serve or have served a hearty “thanks for your service” on this Memorial Day of 2012. On this day we honor those who have fallen in service of this great country.

Memorial Day resonates deeply for many reasons — in appreciation of the sacrifices made for the preservation our freedoms mainly — but also because 45% of Americans have a family member or friend who died serving.

President Obama will speak today at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. My cousin is included among the names on the Wall.

“Memorial Day”:

Ronald Reagan’s 1984 speech in Normandy on the 40th anniversary of D-Day has become a Memorial Day tradition here, so once again we’ll close with The Gipper honoring “the boys of Pointe du Hoc”:

God bless our veterans and active service members!

DHS Releases List of Hundreds of Keywords/Phrases Used to Monitor Net for Threats


We really have to get this George W. Bush guy out of office so we can put a stop to this kind of government intrusiveness and… what? Who is president? Well, in that case I’m sure this is okay:

The Department of Homeland Security has been forced to release a list of keywords and phrases it uses to monitor social networking sites and online media for signs of terrorist or other threats against the U.S.

The intriguing the list includes obvious choices such as ‘attack’, ‘Al Qaeda’, ‘terrorism’ and ‘dirty bomb’ alongside dozens of seemingly innocent words like ‘pork’, ‘cloud’, ‘team’ and ‘Mexico’.

Released under a freedom of information request, the information sheds new light on how government analysts are instructed to patrol the internet searching for domestic and external threats.

The words are included in the department’s 2011 ‘Analyst’s Desktop Binder’ used by workers at their National Operations Center which instructs workers to identify ‘media reports that reflect adversely on DHS and response activities’.

Department chiefs were forced to release the manual following a House hearing over documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit which revealed how analysts monitor social networks and media organisations for comments that ‘reflect adversely’ on the government.

However they insisted the practice was aimed not at policing the internet for disparaging remarks about the government and signs of general dissent, but to provide awareness of any potential threats.

I just got myself flagged seven times just for running a snip of the story. It’s possible “pork” made the list because the government considers those who expose federal waste to be a clear and present danger to the security of the United States.

Read the entire list of words. It’s virtually impossible to write online without using several of them a day.

This kind of thing has been going on a long time. Remember Echelon? It’s a global surveillance network I first heard about back in the 1990’s that I think was invented as a way to allow Bill Clinton to eavesdrop on Elizabeth Hurley and Claudia Schiffer’s phone calls.

Strange. On the list of words that could constitute a threat to America, “Forward™” didn’t make the cut.

Obama: I’m the Twoosh Master


No, that’s not what he was talking about. He would have been correct in that context.

From Politico:

In an exchange at the end of this week’s White House West Wing Week video, Obama jokingly refers to himself as the “twoosh master” after crafting a perfect 140-character tweet.

Obama became the first sitting president to hold a Twitter question and answer session Thursday after a campaign event in Des Moines, Iowa.

During the session, he responded to a question from @jwarner180 on alternative energy sources using each of Twitter’s 140 allowed characters, which he’s told in the video is called a “twoosh,” or “Twitter swoosh.”

Here’s the question followed by Obama’s “Twoosh”:

What’s “cheaper” about dumping billions of taxpayer dollars into “green” shams that go bankrupt?

Speaking of that, today is the two year anniversary of Obama’s Solyndra speech. Twoosh!

Obama’s ‘Choom Gang’ Days


2012: The year Obama is finally getting vetted to at least some degree. I think even the some of the MSM might be starting to understand there’s a good chance Obama will be swept from office soon and so they’re not as troubled by possible repercussions for telling the truth about him.

Think of this as a real-life version of a sequel to Fast Times at Ridgemont High in which Jeff Spicoli ends up getting elected President of the United States:

In his 1995 memoir “Dreams of My Father,” Obama writes about smoking pot almost like Dr. Seuss wrote about eating green eggs and ham. As a high school kid, Obama wrote, he would smoke “in a white classmate’s sparkling new van,” he would smoke “in the dorm room of some brother” and he would smoke “on the beach with a couple of Hawaiian kids.”

He would smoke it here and there. He would smoke it anywhere.

Now a soon-to-be published biography by David Maraniss entitled “Barack Obama: The Story” gives more detail on Obama’s pot-smoking days, complete with testimonials from young Barry Obama’s high school buddies, a group that went by the name “the Choom Gang.” Choom was slang for smoking marijuana.

Maraniss portrays the teenage Obama as not just a pot smoker, but a pot-smoking innovator.

“As a member of the Choom Gang,” Maraniss writes, “Barry Obama was known for starting a few pot-smoking trends.”

The first Obama-inspired trend: “Total Absorption” or “TA”.

“TA was the opposite of Bill Clinton’s claim that as a Rhodes scholar at Oxford he smoked dope but never inhaled,” explains Maraniss. Here’s how it worked: If you exhaled prematurely when you were with the Choom Gang, “you were assessed a penalty and your turn was skipped the next time the joint came around.”

As one of Obama’s old high school buddies tells Maraniss: “Wasting good bud smoke was not tolerated.”

Another Obama innovation: “Roof Hits.”

“When they were chooming in a car all the windows had to be rolled up so no smoke blew out and went to waste; when the pot was gone, they tilted their heads back and sucked in the last bit of smoke from the ceiling.”

This part is no surprise: Obama had a penchant for taking it upon himself to redistribute the dope:

Maraniss also says Obama was known for his “Interceptions”: “When a joint was making the rounds, he often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted ‘Intercepted!,’ and took an extra hit.”

I liked him better when the only thing he was intercepting was weed. Now it’s trillions of dollars.