Pakistan Sentences Doc to Prison for Helping Find Bin Laden and the U.S. Only Cuts Four Percent of Their Aid?

From the “You gotta be shittin’ me” file: Osama Bin Laden kills thousands of Americans, a Pakistani doctor helps the U.S. find him, Pakistan convicts the doctor of treason and sends him to prison for 33 years, and we’re still going to send Pakistan $767 million this year?

Apparently that’s the case:

Congressmen on the powerful Senate appropriations committee voted to cut $1 million from the $800 million annual budget for each of the 33 years that Dr Shakeel Afridi has been told he must serve in jail for working with a foreign intelligence agency.

Dr Afridi set up a fake vaccination campaign in Abbottabad in an attempt to obtain blood samples from bin Laden’s family, as the CIA tried to confirm the al-Qaeda chief’s presence in a nearby villa.

Why are we sending them anything? “Anti-terror ally”? Please. And does anybody honestly think the Pakistani government didn’t know Bin Laden was living there? Osama was probably paying top level Pakistani officials boku “don’t tell anybody I’m here” bucks and now they’re taking it out on the doctor for giving him up. Just a theory.

Meanwhile, Rep. Peter King is trying to find out if the Obama administration disclosed the identity of the Pakistani doctor who helped us. If they had anything to do with it, there’s no better way to ensure that nobody helps U.S. intelligence ever again.

Rick Perry was right:

Obama Scores a Couple More High Profile Endorsements

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m re-considering Obama. He just won nods of approval from Larry Flynt and Fidel Castro’s niece. It doesn’t get any more credible than that.

Couple those with endorsements from Hugo Chavez’s eHarmony match Sean Penn, along with Mikhail Gorbachev and the chairman of the Communist Party USA, and Obama is becoming a more tempting choice every day!

Former President in Horn-Dog Heaven

Nothing like spending an evening hanging out with a couple of porn stars. Bubba hasn’t had this much fun since his limo broke down in front of Jumbo’s Clown Room:


Emphasis mine, for comedic effect:

Former President Bill Clinton apparently had stars in his eyes when he posed for a cozy photo-op with two porn starlets at Wednesday’s “Nights in Monaco” gala.

Brooklyn Lee, who was named “Best New Starlet” this year by trade magazine AVN, tweeted a picture of herself with a smiling Clinton as well as adult star Tasha Reign and a third woman.

Clinton is seen clasping Lee, wearing a strapless blue dress [“Target acquired!” – DP], with his left arm, while Reign holds snugly onto the former President’s blazer.

It’s good ta be da former President.

Careful, Bill… Hillary’s watching:


This Month’s ‘Jr. Goracle Award for Enviro-Hypocrisy’ Goes To…

… Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas, for arriving at a climate change event in a private helicopter:


Someday Will.I.Am will arrive at environmental summits in a private jet like the planet’s savior, Al Gore. But, nonetheless, this fine effort to save the planet from greenhouse gases — by first making sure there are plenty of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to save it from — earns Will (or is that “Mr. I.Am”?) this month’s “Jr. Goracle” honor.

This is the same guy who brags about driving an electric car.

(h/t Hope for America)

Romney wins Kentucky, Arkansas primaries; Obama edges out ‘Uncommitted’ and John Wolf respectively

Yesterday, Mitt Romney, as expected, won the Kentucky and Arkansas GOP presidential primaries:

Mitt Romney won the Republican primary in Kentucky on Tuesday, a victory that puts him within striking distance of clinching the Republican presidential nomination.

CBS News projects that Romney will, as expected, also win Tuesday’s GOP primary in Arkansas.

With nearly all precincts reporting in Kentucky, Romney had 67 percent of the vote. Ron Paul was in second place with 13 percent, below the 15 percent threshold he needed to win delegates in the state.

On the Democrat side, President Obama faced a formidable primary challenge in Kentucky from a candidate named Uncommitted:

President Obama lost more than 40 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s Kentucky Democratic primary to the “uncommitted” option — the latest example of the incumbent president failing to win votes in an uncompetitive primary.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting in the Bluegrass State, Obama led “uncommitted” just 58 percent to 42 percent. Obama trailed in more than 60 Kentucky counties.

It was just the latest episode of the president taking less than 60 percent of the vote in a primary this year.

He ceded 41 percent of the vote in West Virginia to an incarcerated man in Texas named Keith Judd, and in Oklahoma, Obama lost several counties and won just 57 percent of the vote.

In the Arkansas Democrat primary, Obama leads Democrat challenger John Wolf by a similar margin (about 58-42 as it stands now).

If Obama had faced a primary challenge from a Democrat who actually has name recognition he could have very well already lost two or three primaries. Biden’s probably already afraid that “Uncommitted” will replace him on the ticket.

Also, in a Kentucky congressional primary race, the Tea Party has scored another win:

Tea Party-backed Republican Thomas Massie won a hotly contested House primary in Kentucky on Tuesday, edging out an establishment candidate and putting him on an almost certain path to election in November.

With 74 percent of precincts reporting, Massie took 45 percent of the vote, with state Rep. Alecia Webb-Edgington (R) taking second with 30 percent. Republican Gary Moore, an elected county official, came in third with 17 percent.

Massie, also a county official, had been endorsed by Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and the Club for Growth. Much of the establishment support had lined up behind Webb-Edgington, while social conservatives were rallying behind Moore.

All three were considered relative newcomers to the Kentucky political scene.

Massie heads into the general election in solid shape to replace retiring Rep. Geoff David (R-Ky.). The district leans heavily Republican, and Democrats have not indicated they intend to contest the seat.

Last but not least, somewhat of a disappointment: Sarah Palin has endorsed Orrin Hatch.

How Convenient: $20 Million Built Into Obamacare Law for PR Campaign Just Before the Election


They thought of everything, didn’t they?

The Health and Human Services Department has signed a $20 million contract with a public-relations firm to highlight part of the Affordable Care Act.

The new, multimedia ad campaign is designed to educate the public about how to stay healthy and prevent illnesses, an HHS official said.

The campaign was mandated by the Affordable Care Act and must describe the importance of prevention while also explaining preventive benefits provided by the healthcare law. The law makes many preventive services available without a co-pay or deductible, and provides new preventive benefits to Medicare patients.

The PR firm Porter Novelli won the contract after a competitive bidding process.

Basically these will be Obama ads that we all get to pay for. Even if the Supreme Court strikes down the law, the mechanisms with which will help Obama get re-elected will have already been put in motion — which was the plan all along.

By the way, Google “Porter Novelli” and “Obama” and you’ll find a few unsurprising connections to the current administration and the Dems in general. And don’t forget about campaign donations.

Remember those Medicare ads with Andy Griffith for which taxpayers were on the hook for over $3 million? Porter Novelli was the PR firm hired by the government for those as well.

Actual AP Headline: Is GOP Trying to Sabotage Economy to Hurt Obama

Unbiased as always.

Here are some upcoming Associated Press headlines:

–Are Republicans manipulating Joe Biden’s mouth to make him say stupid shit?

–Did Bain Capital trick major Obama bundler into working there by telling him they were UNICEF?

–Is construction on Keystone Pipeline delayed because GOP hid the pipe in order to harm Obama re-election bid?

–Could right wing have encouraged market to buy solar panels from China to drive Solyndra to bankruptcy?

–Is John Boehner sneaking into Volt dealerships and putting up “closed” signs to artificially keep sales low?

Clean Energy Fantasy: Steven Chu on The Avengers


“I’d better keep this sh*t away from the Department of Energy or we’ll all go bankrupt”


Energy Secretary Steven Chu used the movie The Avengers, which I saw last weekend, to segue into another pitch to keep dumping taxpayer dollars down the “clean energy” money incinerator.

By way of Erika Johnsen at Hot Air, here’s Chu writing on his Facebook page:

I can rarely find the time to make it to the movies, but my staff is buzzing about The Avengers, which focuses on a new, limitless clean energy source called “The Tesseract.” In the film, there is evidently an intergalactic struggle to claim this new resource – one we can only win by relying on heroes like Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, and the Incredible Hulk. Naturally, the group includes a couple scientists!

While the “Tesseract” may be fictional, the real-life global competition over clean energy is growing increasingly intense, as countries around the world sense a huge economic opportunity AND the opportunity for cleaner air, water, and a healthier planet. This is now a $260 billion global market, a sum that would impress even Tony Stark. According to the International Energy Agency, last year — for the first time — more money was invested worldwide in clean, renewable power plants than in fossil fuel power plants.

Given how big the opportunity is, and how fast it is growing, it is no surprise that 80 countries have adopted policies or incentives to capture a share of the clean energy market. The good news is that we have an advantage every bit as powerful as the Incredible Hulk: Americans’ talent for entrepreneurship and innovation is unrivalled [sic] by any other country in the world. We have world-leading scientific facilities that would make Bruce Banner green with envy, and the investments we’re making today in groundbreaking new technologies can help American businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Ultimately, however, the clean energy prize is still up for grabs and countries like China are competing aggressively. It’s not enough for us to simply invent the technologies of the future, we need to actually build and deploy them here as well. As President Obama noted recently, one step Congress should take immediately is to renew the expiring tax credits for clean energy – a step that will create jobs and help American companies compete. When it comes to clean energy, our motto should be: “Invented in America, Made in America, Sold Around the World.”

When I saw The Avengers, I just knew when they got to the part about the the “Tesseract” — the limitless clean energy source — that it would make greenies with plenty of access to other people’s money harder than Chris Matthews stuck in an elevator with Obama.

Here’s the catch though, and it’s sort of fits metaphorically:

The villain in the movie is Loki — an Asgardian god who is also the archenemy (and adoptive brother) of Thor.

Loki seeks the Tesseract because it will open a portal in space through which the aliens from Chitauri will travel to earth in order to enslave mankind. Loki believes that freedom is an illusion and that it is the destiny of humans to be subservient to those who are their intellectual superiors (“Freedom is a disease and servitude is the cure”). As his only concern was with increasing his own power, Loki wanted this magical “clean energy” source as a way to take control of rubes, not for any altruistic reason — to save people from “global warming” or anything like that. Gee, the only thing missing was Loki telling people they should let him control the Tesseract because of all the jobs that would be “saved or created.”

I’m told that in the sequel Loki will come to earth in search of algae fuel.

Oh, and to top it off, The Avengers — Iron Man specifically — ended up destroying the Chitaurian army and closing the Tesseract portal with an atomic bomb. I don’t know if Chu and his fellow greenies saw that part. Chu must think they plugged the hole with unused Solyndra solar panels or something.