Wisconsin Watch: Recall Election Day Open Thread; Update: CNN Projects Walker Win

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The big story today is of course the Wisconsin recall election, so we’ll use this space to keep up with things as the day goes on. Tonight I’ll post a link to the returns as they come in.

There will be national implications to today’s election, no matter what the outcome (outside groups have spent $63.5 million in Wisconsin). A Walker defeat might castrate any other politicians who might have otherwise had the cojones to do what is required to reign in outlandish government spending. A Walker win, precisely the opposite. I don’t think it’s blowing things out of proportion to say that this election could be a tipping point for the entire country, and whether we continue traveling down an unsustainable fiscal road, or decide to rescue future generations (and, as fast as things are sinking, even current generations) from what will be the nasty aftermath of a government run amok and unchecked.

It’s clear which way President Obama suspects that the chips will fall today — he’s not touching Wisconsin with a ten foot Solyndra solar panel:

However, if Walker is defeated, look for Obama to come out and take credit for it.

If Walker wins, brace for major ugliness. Unions aren’t graceful losers. The Dems are already preparing a recount effort.

Last evening I wrote about the US Department of Justice being on hand to “monitor” the situation in Wisconsin. If that isn’t enough to put your faith in a fair election, don’t worry — Jesse Jackson’s also in the Badger State to monitor the integrity of the system. Whew!

Four Republican state senators are also on the recall ballot today.

If the vote is really close, the Wisconsin unions might even be desperate enough to wake up this guy and make him go to the polls:


Updates to come as the day goes on. Now go save the country from ruin, Wisconsin!

Update: So far turnout appears to be very high.

Update II: The Obama campaign sent out a last-minute video appeal that of course doesn’t show Barack Obama or mention his name at all. You can tell by the age of the people in the video that they’re trying to appeal to 18 year olds who will easily buy the claim that Scott Walker’s taking away their “rights” (aka “government teat”):

Update III: They wouldn’t be Democrats if they didn’t start getting their ducks in a row for a recount: Milwaukee Dems are alleging that somebody’s doing robo-calls in the state telling people that if they signed the recall petition, they don’t need to vote.

Alternate headline: GOP accused of taking advantage of total morons on which Dems are depending

Since that’s something the Democrats do on a routine basis, I have to assume that the Dems, and not the Republicans, are behind the allegation (it’s probably not actually happening).

The Democrats must sense a drubbing coming up or they wouldn’t be lining up excuses so quickly.

Update IV: This was a lot faster than I expected… CNN just projected that Scott Walker would successfully fight off the recall effort.

I’ll put up any further updates over at Michelle’s site on this post, but I’ll put any final numbers here later. The margin of victory remains to be seen. Good news for the Republic if you ask me. Tea Party on!

Author: Doug Powers

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