Obama No-Show in Wisconsin Breaks Yet Another Campaign Promise; Plus Awesome ‘Democracy Died Tonight’ Video

When Barack Obama was campaigning for president he promised the unions that wherever their rights to collective bargaining were being threatened, he’d be there marching with them:

Obama would insist he wasn’t a no-show, as evidenced by a tepid Tweet of support for Barrett — but that’s not exactly “walking the picket line” with the union brothers and sisters.

Here’s a map of the county-by-county results from yesterday. Red counties are Walker and the blue are Barrett:


Exit polls show Obama with a lead over Romney in Wisconsin, but this just can’t be comforting to The One.

Meanwhile, the left is reacting predictably.

Oh, and I finally found video of my favorite moment from yesterday’s election coverage. The “democracy died tonight” guy:

A lefty lamenting the end of freedom as we know it can only mean something good for America just happened.

Update: MSNBC declares that the winner of last night’s election is… Obama. Hey, nobody thought one little drubbing would be enough to yank their heads out of their asses, did they?

Author: Doug Powers

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