Michigan Group Ends Gov. Snyder Recall Effort After Wisconsin Fail


Thanks to the voters of Wisconsin for sapping the motivation of these “Recall Snyder” people here in Michigan. Watching them beg for signatures from innocent commuters at expressway park & rides was a sad sight, and now it’s over:

A Michigan group is abandoning its effort to recall Republican Gov. Rick Snyder after Tuesday’s failure of an effort in Wisconsin to recall Gov. Scott Walker, the group’s spokesman announced this morning.

Bruce Fealk of Michigan Rising said in a news release the group was well short of its goal in collecting signatures.

“It has become abundantly clear that Michigan Rising was not going to accomplish its goal of recalling Gov. Snyder,” Fealk said.

Though it will stop collecting recall signatures, the group will continue work to stop “the corporate takeover” of Michigan and plans to develop a progressive think tank and leadership development organization, he said.

The rational thinking world understands that the path public sector unions want to take isn’t sustainable and will lead to disaster. That’s why Scott Walker received about one-third of the union vote in Wisconsin. Even a sizable chunk of union members understand we’re on a road to ruin if Big Labor isn’t reigned in big time.

Author: Doug Powers

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