Dem Congressman: Thanks to Obamacare, Getting Shot by a Madman in a Movie Theater Will No Longer Render You Uninsurable!

One of the tragedy vultures using the Aurora shootings for attempted political gain is Colorado Rep. Ed Perlmutter.

Having previously used the crime that took place in Aurora to call for more gun control, Perlmutter, whose district includes Aurora, is now comforting his concerned constituents by reminding them that if their lives are ever affected by a motivated mass murderer, Obamacare will be there for them:

PERLMUTTER: Affordable Care Act is in place. The Supreme Court approved its terms a couple, three weeks ago. And it will do some things that, in my opinion needed to be done. It will stop the discrimination against people with prior illnesses or injuries, or say some of the folks who were shot in the theater, they would be uninsurable now that they’ve had that wound, but under the affordable care act they can’t be discriminated against starting in 2014.

Cue the shamelessness:

Elizabeth Warren to Open for Bill Clinton at Dem Convention


You know they’re in trouble when the best they have to offer on the “big night” leading into Obama’s acceptance speech is an impeached former president and a Cherokee imposter:

Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren announced late Monday that she is slated to open for former President Bill Clinton at this summer’s Democratic National Convention.

“It will be an honor to share the convention stage with President Clinton on Wednesday, and to talk about what is happening to America’s families,” Warren said in a statement released by the Democratic National Convention Committee. “I grew up in a hardworking family, in an America that was investing in kids like me. President Obama is committed to making sure that America has a level playing field for all our families and to ensuring that every kid has the opportunity to make it.”

“She was asked to speak because President Obama knows that Elizabeth is one of the strongest advocates for what’s at stake for the middle class– and our shared vision to move the country forward,” Mindy Myers, Warren’s campaign manager, informed supporters in a fundraising email shortly after the news broke.

Earlier Monday, sources confirmed that Clinton had been chosen to headline the Wednesday Sept. 5 evening lineup at the convention in Charlotte, N.C.

The inclusion of Clinton bumped Plugs back a day.

I can understand Obama calling up Bubba — after all, Obama needs him in order to complete the facade that it’s 1996. But I didn’t expect them to give Fauxcahontas much face time given the fact that she doubled-down on the “you didn’t build that” comment Obama has been running from since the day after he said it. The inclusion of Dances With Identity Theft proves the Democrats are more tone deaf than Yoko Ono.

Rest assured that whatever is in Warren’s speech that night, Team Obama will make sure it doesn’t include this kind of Marxist tripe:

Pelosi: Republican Jews are Being Exploited

Because anybody with a mind of their own is being “used” by somebody else:

Pelosi made the comments in response to whether Jewish voters would support President Barack Obama in the presidential election later this year.

“I think [Obama] will” win the Jewish vote, Pelosi said, when pressed on the subject. “I think that he will, because the fact is when the facts get out. You know, as many of the Republicans are using Israel as an excuse, what they really want are tax cuts for the wealthy. So Israel, that can be one reason they put forth.”

The interviewer then added, “That’s why some of the Republican Jewish supporters are really active.”

Pelosi responded, “Well, that’s how they’re being exploited. And they’re smart people. They follow these issues. But they have to know the facts. And the fact is that President Obama has been the strongest person in terms of sanctions on Iran, which is important to Israel. He’s been the strongest person on whether it’s Iron Dome, David’s Sling, any of these weapons systems and initiatives that relate to Israel. He has been there over and over again.”

Classic Stretch… “they’re smart, it’s just that they’re gullible, misinformed idiots.”

Are Democrat Jews being exploited? Maybe Pelosi should ask one of her advisers.

The Obama administration has called for Israel to return to pre-1967 borders and halt settlement activity. Also, Obama said he’ll only go to Israel for the first time in his presidency only if he’s re-elected to a second term (even then I’m guessing his plate would be “too full” for a visit), and as you can see below, Team Obama can’t even admit what the capital of Israel is. Given all that it’s hard to understand why any Jewish Americans would vote for Obama (other than liberalism trumps all else on the list of priorities for many):

Good News for Romney: Obama Has No Plans to Bring Back the Teleprompter for Stump Speeches

This surprises me a little, because off-prompter Obama says what he really thinks even if he later tries to deny he didn’t say what he said:

The Obama campaign has no plans to change the president’s style on the stump in the wake of his “you didn’t build that” remark, which Republicans have seized upon in recent days to argue the president is out of touch on the economy.

Obama made the impromptu remark during a Virginia campaign address earlier this month when he was speaking without a teleprompter, referring occasionally to a binder of notes on his podium. The Hill reported last week that Obama would rely on the teleprompter less so that he could be more spontaneous and interact with his supporters at campaign appearances instead of reading from two glass panes.

The Obama campaign must really believe it’s more important for Obama to “connect” with his audience off prompter even though there’s a risk that what comes out of his mouth will be Marxist drivel and ad fodder for Romney rather than return to the scripted safety that TOTUS usage offers but that makes him appear more disconnected from the crowd.

If they do keep him off the prompter, at some point we’ll get more of these collectivist gems:

Spain’s Unemployment Rate is Almost 25%, So Yeah, Let’s Keep Emulating Their ‘Green Economy’

The latest economic news from the country with the “green economy” President Obama was sold on and wanted America to emulate is in, and it ain’t good:

Some 5.7 million Spaniards, equivalent to almost one in four, are now seeking work, according to official figures.

The country’s unemployment rate rose to 24.6% during the April to June quarter, up from 24.4% during the previous quarter.

Separately, Spain’s third largest bank reported an 80% fall in net profits.

CaixaBank said net profits fell to 166m euros ($203m; £129m) during the January to June period.

CaixaBank also set aside 2.7bn euros against its property assets, in accordance with reform requirements stipulated by the government in May.

On Thursday, Spain’s biggest bank, Santander, reported that its profits halved during the period.

Spain’s economy is in dire straits and economists see few signs of improvement any time soon.

“Things are only going to get worse,” said Capital Economics’ Ben May.

Hey, let’s keep doing what they’re doing!

For a preview of what’s in store for the US (and is already here to a good degree) if we don’t get a fast change in leadership and national attitude, keep an eye on Spain. Or don’t if it’s too depressing.

Dueling Headlines, Rahm Emanuel’s ‘Chicago Values’ Edition

When he worked for Obama, Rahm Emanuel battled Big Oil and Big Tobacco, and now as Chicago’s mayor he’s fighting against Big Homophobic Chicken:


Over a dozen murders per month and rampant corruption in the Windy City, but the gay marriage opinion of the owner of a chicken joint threatens to put a stain on the Windy City’s social reputation?

Anyway, here’s headline #2 from the same week:


Nice going, Rahm. Laughter is the best medicine for idiocy exposure.

Update: Bonus points… Farrakhan’s opposed to gay marriage.