Michael Moore Apparently Doesn’t Believe He Deserves Electricity


Michael Moore said that if you’re in the DC area, out of power due to the recent storms and haven’t been a union supporter, you’re probably getting what you deserve.

Careful what you ask for, Michael.

Enjoy this New Yorker flashback from a few years ago while we wait for Moore’s big vacation home in northern Michigan worthy of the most discerning upper one-percenters to deservingly lose power:

The article describes two writers who worked on Mr. Moore’s television show TV Nation who learned that Mr. Moore did not want them joining the Writers Guild.

One day during production on the first season of the show, Moore called two of his writers into his office. It was, for both of them, their first job in television, and they had been hired with the title of associate producer. They were not members of the Writers’ Guild, the powerful union for writers in movies and TV, and thus were not receiving health benefits, and would not qualify later for a percentage of video and rerun sales. “Michael said, ‘I’m getting a lot of heat from the union to call you guys writers and pay you under the union rules,’ ” Eric Zicklin, one of the associate producers, says. “ ‘I don’t have the budget for that. But if they keep coming down on me that’ll mean I’ll only be able to afford one of you and the other one’s gotta go.’ ”

Soon more employees who supported Mr. Moore in his political crusade became disillusioned with their former boss.

And this from 2009:

Michael Moore, champion of the working class, used non-union stagehands to film “Capitalism: A Love Story.” The porcine provocateur is promoting his anti-Wall Street jeremiad by giving free tickets to unions, but the American Federation of Teachers has turned them down because Moore didn’t hire any members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. “Michael Moore and one of our sister unions, IATSE, are in discussions about concerns the union has,” the AFT told ABC News. “The AFT has decided against accepting tickets until those issues are resolved.” Moore’s agent, Ari Emanuel, seems to blame the IATSE for treating documentarians as “second-class filmmakers.” “This is a Writers Guild, Screen Actors Guild and Directors Guild film, as all Michael’s films are,” Emanuel said. “He is a proud, dues-paying member of all three of these unions.”


After being criticized for using non-union extras in a 2000 music video he shot for the rock band Rage Against the Machine, Moore told the New York Post that he only learned they were hired after the video was completed.

When’s Moore going to lose electrical power? I’m sure his refrigerator light bulb that goes on and off more frequently than Joe Biden’s brain would appreciate the break.

(h/t Warner Todd Huston)

Author: Doug Powers

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