Biden Addresses Packed House at NAACP Convention

Photo taken just before Plugs began his predictable speech at the NAACP convention in Houston:


The NAACP blamed it on rain, which of course prompted Biden to say that in Obama’s next term free umbrellas will be a human right! Just kidding… I think…

Biden told the semi-crowd that Romney’s policies would hurt working black families. Read the latest jobs data concerning black unemployment and you’ll see there’s simply no way Romney would or could make things worse.

From Middle Class Joe’s speech:

“Remember what this at its core was all about, why this organization at its core was all about,” Biden said, after touting the Obama administration’s record on African-Americans. “It was about the franchise. It was about the right to vote. Because when you have the right to vote, you have the right to change things.”

Biden then reminded the crowd that embattled Attorney General Eric Holder, held in contempt by the GOP-controlled House for not releasing documents related to Fast & Furious, is fighting to protect voting rights while Republicans seek to place hurdles before ballot access. Tuesday, members passed an emergency resolution in support of Holder and his position on voting rights.

Pluggers didn’t remind them that as a percentage more Republicans than Dems voted in favor of the Voting Rights Act (ditto for the Civil Rights Act for that matter).


He urged attendees to “imagine” what Romney’s Justice Department would look like and who he would appoint to the Supreme Court.

Imagine what Obama’s Justice Department will look like completely untethered if he gets another term… not that it isn’t right now.

In any case, wasn’t it George W. Bush who appointed John Roberts, who upheld the health care legislation Biden spent half his speech bragging about?

Author: Doug Powers

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