Unfounded Rumor of the Week: Condi Rice Tops Romney’s Running Mate List

Come on… seriously?

Upside: Peggy Noonan doesn’t think it’s a bad idea. Downside: Peggy Noonan didn’t think Obama was a bad idea either.

First off, the GOP needs to completely extricate themselves from all things “W.” Nothing personal against Bush — economy-wise, his presidency looks like the halcyon days of America compared to the Hope & Change debacle — but it’s time to move on.

Second, Condi Rice is a very bright woman and all, but she’s a moderate at best. Romney needs to shore up the base with a conservative choice and Rice won’t do that. For example, Rice has described herself as “moderately pro choice,” which is like being — almost literally — a “little bit pregnant.”

So far I’ve been generally impressed with the competency of the Romney campaign, which is why I think this Condi Rice rumor will remain just that.

Has Romney penciled in Sununu yet?

Update: A reminder about past Drudge Report “top of the list” running mate speculations.

Author: Doug Powers

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