Union Ad: Don’t Vote for Romney… He Doesn’t Even Appreciate His Garbage Man

I’m a little more confident of Republican victory next month if this is the best even Big Labor can do:

Actually I think that Romney does understand the people who pick up garbage… more than they think. Not that AFSCME would have bothered to look into it.

Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t go into more detail about what’s in Romney’s garbage. “He throws out brand new shoes, TVs and bottles of medicine just so the less fortunate can’t have it!”

Drew M. at Ace of Spades:

Here’s my question for the butthurt garbageman…Have you ever thanked Mitt Romney or anyone else for working hard to pay the taxes that cover your salary?

It’s bad enough so many public sector workers demand high wages and outrageous benefit and pension plans, now they expect us to kiss their asses for the privilege.

Oh, and there’s another similar ad out now.

We’ll find out more about Romney as soon as subsequent ads featuring his put upon paper boy and neglected mailman are released.

Author: Doug Powers

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