Bill Clinton: People would love it if family incomes weren’t falling, so… vote for Obama

All of the Obama surrogate “arguments” for why we should vote for their guy are predicated on those listening being stupid enough to believe Obama isn’t the incumbent. Sadly, that approach works far too often. They pretend things have been done Mitt’s way and only voting for Obama will keep it from getting worse (can it get worse than being “buried”?).

Here’s Bill Clinton in New Hampshire today, essentially telling people they shouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney because median family incomes are falling. Huh? People would love to make more money but they haven’t been able to because there’s a chance Mitt Romney might be president someday? In a fully attentive country with average IQ’s higher than Michael Moore’s hat size, Obama would be down about 30 points down right now, especially with this kind of “help”:

It’s even more baffling when you consider Bill Clinton is the guy who is alleged to be Obama’s greatest asset in this election. All he seems to do is make arguments as to why people should try voting for the other guy.

(h/t Jim Treacher)

Author: Doug Powers

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