Obama vs. Obama

When I saw the full video of Barack Obama speaking to a predominantly black audience in 2007, I remembered the word of Howard Fineman wrote shortly after the inauguration of The One in 2009: “In place of a generation’s worth of individualistic thinking, Obama brings a renewed commitment to another facet of our history: our belief in the ideal of unity, common purpose and community.”

That Fineman is one seriously funny guy.

Last night Sean Hannity featured a side-by-side comparison of Barack Obama. People like Howard Fineman talk up the Obama on the right while pretending the Obama on the left doesn’t exist. They have to — otherwise he never would have been elected president (video by way of Weasel Zippers):

Predictably, the Obama campaign is claiming this video is a desperate attack on the part of the Republicans. It is pretty underhanded of the GOP to go back to 2007 and make Obama say all those racially divisive things. Apologize, Republicans!

As a refresher, listen to the man Obama affectionately referred to as “my pastor” here.

Update: The Looking Spoon on the difference between the “secret” Romney tape and the “secret” Obama tape:


Author: Doug Powers

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