Dem Debate Hangover


That’s kind of how the Dems seem to feel this morning.

During the couple of weeks leading up to last night’s debate, there was a lot of media and Obama campaign talk to downplay expectations from the president. I thought it was all just a distraction that would allow them to say how brilliantly Obama performed just for showing up. And maybe that was the plan, but even most Dems I’ve heard are saying “wow, that was bad.”

Michael Moore said “this is what happens when you pick John Kerry as your debate coach.” Not really. Actually, this is what happens when you have a candidate who got a free ride from the media and a weak challenger in 2008 who now has a four year record working against him and finally got some competent competition. Even the lefties at MSNBC are scratching their heads. Ed Schultz said “he didn’t explain himself well on the economy.” It never occurs to these people that Obama can’t explain himself satisfactorily on the economy. Not without spiking everybody’s Kool Aid with angel dust this time around. Even Tingles was aghast.

Team Obama is of course going after Jim Lehrer, the moderator, who actually was doing his best to guide Obama through some potentially embarrassing situations. Hear that, MSM? If Obama loses next month, it’ll be your fault.

Here’s what Dems should find frightening: Obama performed as best he could given what he has to work with, which is trying to find the bright side of a lousy economy… without a teleprompter. And he couldn’t even brag on whacking Bin Laden because Al Qaeda just killed our ambassador to Libya and others. Obama really has nowhere to run right now, other than to point to how Obamacare is going to improve our lives and save us money, which the majority of voters just don’t believe.

Among my favorite moments from last night: Obama pretty much begging Jim Lehrer to change the subject at one point; Romney schooling Obama (who was claiming that corporations building in “profits” to their prices is why things are so expensive) on why the government option is always more expensive than the private sector option; “Trickle Down Government”; and Mitt telling PBS’s Lehrer that he would cut taxpayer subsidies to PBS.

Here’s the full debate if you missed it:

Prediction: Team Obama will now take the “regular guy” approach to explain away this debate. “Look, I’m not all slick and pre-programmed with talking points… I’m just a guy who wants to clean up Bush’s mess!”

However, at the next debate watch for Obama to pick it up a notch. He has to. A Joe Soptic cameo appearance is probably in the works as we speak.

And yes, I’ve heard the rumor that Obama did poorly “on purpose.” Anybody believe that?

Reminder for Dems wondering why Obama didn’t hammer Romney on the “47 percent” comment:

Author: Doug Powers

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