Vogue Magazine Makeup Artists, Airbrushers & Photoshoppers Hospitalized for Exhaustion

Do you know what member of Congress this is?


Give up?

Those are pics from a recent Vogue photo session with… Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Yes, this one:



Word is that two airbrushers remain in critical condition in an area hospital, and a photographer had to undergo hernia surgery after being injured trying to carry the lens filter back to the truck.

Where were Vogue’s photo techs when I was doing my senior pictures in high school?

By the way, that dress DWS’s wearing in the Vogue shoot reportedly costs $2,000 — just like the 99% wear! Or maybe the dress was Photoshopped on too.

Not to be outdone, Joe Biden’s going to be in a Vogue spread too:


And that’s how Biden showed up… before Vogue’s makeup artists, airbrushers and Photoshoppers had at him.

Author: Doug Powers

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