Obama’s Big Bird Ad: Who Moved ‘Wall Street’ to Bosnia?

In the Obama campaign’s “Big Bird” ad, the Sesame Street character is satirically portrayed as an evil Wall Street fat cat and pictured looking out a window of this building:


According to Buzzfeed, that building isn’t on Wall Street. It isn’t even in the US:

The headquarters of “evil genius” Big Bird appears to be the Radon Plaza Hotel, a five star hotel in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina. Why? Who knows — an Obama campaign spokesman declined to comment.

The Dems must be outsourcing their video production. They’ve now used Bosnian hotels to represent Wall Street, Russian ships to represent the US Navy, and Turkish jets to represent the US Air Force.

Passing observation: Seems like calling your hotel the “Radon Plaza” might turn a few people away.

Author: Doug Powers

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