GOP Ad Hits ‘Chuckles’ Biden

I’m pretty sure Paul Ryan won the debate last night, as evidenced by many mainstream media reports that only speak of a “fiery debate.” If by “fiery” they mean that Biden embarrassed himself with his “disprove your opponent’s claim by laughing at it constantly” strategy, I guess they’re right.

The GOP has a compilation. There were times I thought Biden might have to be carried away in a straight jacket. This is a guy without an argument:

As for those moments when Biden stopped laughing long enough to speak, I was particularly baffled by his justification for being pro-abortion in spite of being Catholic. Biden’s answer was something along the line of “I don’t believe my personal religious beliefs justify using my position to tell others what they can and can’t do with their bodies.” Does the Bible say “Thou shalt not kill… unless you get elected to public office, then it’s really none of your business”?

As a side note, I thought Martha Raddatz wasn’t a great moderator, but at least she ran a tight ship — only letting Biden interrupt Ryan 82 times.

(h/t Joyanna Adams)

Author: Doug Powers

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