Trump & Allred to Reveal Dueling ‘October Surprises’

Donald Trump says he has something on Obama.

Gloria Allred says she has something on Romney.

In other words, prepare to be severely annoyed in the coming days.

Allred’s “goods” on Romney involve Attention Whore Gloria’s attempts to unseal court testimony in Massachusetts. I’m expecting Allred to accuse Mitt of knocking wingtips with Sharon Bialek, but only if Gloria grabs the wrong briefcase tomorrow morning. Actually I’ve read that it could have something to do with Romney’s time as a church leader and revolve around him allegedly counseling a woman in a troubled pregnancy out of having an abortion (scandal!).

Trump’s “goods” on Obama are even less clear. I’ve heard everything from “Obama sold coke in college,” to Trump getting his hands on divorce papers that Michelle never filed, to more of the “birther” stuff.

I honestly don’t care about any of it, outside of a casual morbid curiosity. The real “October Surprise” is no surprise: The last four years have been a total failure on multiple levels. There is nothing Trump or Allred have that will make me believe anything other than Obama’s got to go and at this juncture Romney should replace him.

Author: Doug Powers

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