Benghazi: How Did Obama Not Know?

Somebody in the Obama administration made the decision not to send help to rescue Ambassador Stevens and three others who were targeted in a terrorist attack in Benghazi last month. President Obama, after being pressed by a reporter about who denied requests for help during the attack, said “we’re still finding out exactly what happened.”

A caller to Rush Limbaugh yesterday claimed to be a former special ops planner, and he outlined how this probably would have played out, and how it would have been almost impossible for Obama to not know about the request for help and to not have been the one who made the call to stand down on a rescue attempt. The caller said that something on the magnitude of an ambassador in peril would have made whether or not to proceed with a rescue a presidential decision from the start:

Remember also that the attack wasn’t just a lightning fast three minute assault that was over before anybody in Washington could have ordered a reaction — it went on for several hours. The CIA has said nobody in their organization ordered anybody not to help (Obama goes under the bus). Who was it then? The odds are overwhelming that we won’t find out until after the election.

But at least the Obama administration, for a little while anyway, has a reason to like Condoleezza Rice.

(h/t Hot Air and The Right Scoop)

Author: Doug Powers

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