New York Times presidential endorsements over the years

I was reading a list of all the New York Times presidential endorsements over the years. The last Republican the New York Times endorsed was Eisenhower in 1956. This means they’ve endorsed Carter twice, Mondale and Dukakis once each, and of course Obama twice now.

Under each choice is a couple of sentences justifying the endorsement. This is the quote for the Times’ endorsement of Bill Clinton’s second term:


If you can’t read that, the Times wrote in 1996, “The Presidency he once dreamed is still within his reach if he brings the requisite integrity to the next four years.”

And how’d that work out?


Almost as funny, the Times’ 2012 endorsement for the re-election of Obama says that he’s done a good job of “forming sensible budget policies that are not dedicated to protecting the powerful.” And by “powerful” I assume they mean “people with jobs.”

If Obama’s policies aren’t dedicated to protecting the powerful, why are there still headlines like “The Rich Get Even Richer” in the New York Times? Also in the Times, the poor are poorer. Great budget policies. Actually, the Times is wrong on that count too because the Democrats don’t have budget policies.

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Author: Doug Powers

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