Any Volunteers to Drive a Fisker Karma Through a Deep Puddle?


Put on your flame-resistant suits, celebrity morons, because here’s the latest from our “Eco-friendly deathtrap waiting to happen” file…

Sounds like these particular Goremobiles will amount to little more than another few hundred million taxpayer dollars up in smoke — and as Joe Biden would say, literally:

Approximately 16 of the $100,000+ Fisker Karma extended-range luxury hybrids were parked in Port Newark, New Jersey last night when water from Hurricane Sandy’s storm surge apparently breached the port and submerged the vehicles. As Jalopnik has exclusively learned, the cars then caught fire and burned to the ground.

Our source tells us they were “first submerged in a storm surge and then caught fire, exploded.” This wouldn’t be the first time the vehicles, which use a small gasoline engine to charge batteries that provide energy to two electric motors, had an issue with sudden combustion.

The vehicle, despite only being in limited production, has already experienced numerous fires due to equipment failures and electrical shorts. How, exactly, they caught fire after being submerged in sea water is unclear. It’s possible the salt water caused a short that led to a fire.

Kind of a Catch-22, isn’t it? If your Fisker catches on fire while you’re driving it, your instinct might be to plunge the car into a river or lake, but apparently that would only make the fire worse.

Proposed new feature for the Fisker: Fire extinguishers attached to the windshield wipers.

Fisker later released this statement:

“It was reported today that several Fisker Karmas were damaged by fire at the Port of Newark after being submerged in sea water during Superstorm Sandy. We can report that there were no injuries and none of the cars were being charged at the time.

It certainly is good to know that this didn’t happen while any of the cars were charging, which means the Fisker has only been proven to be able to catch fire if it gets wet while you might be sitting in it.

For the record, Fiskers don’t seem to perform much better when they’re dry either:

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Author: Doug Powers

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