Election Eve: Place Your Bets

Okay all, we’re almost there. Time to ante up…

First up, Obama and Romney. Big Bird is nervously pacing the Green Mile for word on his fate.

My prediction: Romney wins by five nationally. Polls that show Romney/Obama tied or even Obama up by as many as four points have been consistently assuming the Democratic enthusiasm and turnout will at least as high as it was in 2008, which is why many polling firms have been oversampling Dems. The latest example is the CNN poll showing a tie nationally (Dem sample +11? Puh-leez). Based on that, if the turnout is merely even Obama’s in for a near landslide drubbing. We’ll see.

The latest national presidential polls are here for what they’re worth. State by state here. Senate races here. House races here. Governors here. But now that November 6th is almost upon us, we can throw the polls out the window. Heck, it’s possible a couple of pollsters will be jumping from windows after tomorrow is over.

Questions for discussion:

Who do you think will win the presidential election?
What will be the biggest upset of all the races?
Can Scott Brown hold off Fauxcahontas?
Will the GOP come close to controlling the Senate?
Will the GOP gain seats in the House?
Can Debbie Wasserman Schultz possibly be sent packing?

By the way, DWS has already claimed victory for Obama in Florida.

And please God don’t make us have to look at that dirtbag Alan Grayson for another hellish two years.

Sadly, I’m afraid that here locally Debbie Stabenow will cruise to victory. For some reason they love their liberal senators here in Michigan.

Extra stuff…

Here are some of the best lines from Craigslist ads from people seeking election night sex. Joe Biden’s already offered to give everybody the whole load.

And a quote from Obama hack Andrea Mitchell that will leave you with a feeling of optimism: “If Pennsylvania is in play then this is all over for the president.” I just felt a thrill go up my leg — thanks, Andrea!

While we wait for Election Day, we can watch and find out who Homer Simpson’s trying to vote for:

Author: Doug Powers

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