Obama to Speak About ‘Fiscal Cliff’ and Deficit Reduction


The president who ushered in four consecutive years of trillion-dollar deficits is going to tell Congress what needs to be done to reduce the deficit. I for one am skeptical of the chances for success:

Fresh off his reelection win, President Obama will address the economy on Friday and the action Congress can take to reduce the deficit.

Delivering a statement in the East Room of the White House, Obama is expected to discuss the tax increases and spending cuts that are set to take effect in January, and will likely urge Congress to take action on both.

Let me guess… increased infrastructure spending and “clean energy” investments combined with tax increases while implementing “responsible” spending cuts that will kick in long after his second term is over. Am I close?

Here’s something that won’t surprise you one bit:

He is not likely to put forward a new plan.

I’m a frequent critic of the president, but I will give him high marks for consistency.

Whatever happened to that hastily-written “plan for jobs and middle class security” brochure Obama was waving around on the campaign trail? I was so looking forward to seeing a nation’s economy run according to the dictates of a mailbox flyer.

Actually I knew all along that they had no intention of using that “plan.” No mention at all of labor unions? Not a chance.

Update: “When the going gets tough…”

Author: Doug Powers

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