Peggy Noonan: Tea Party Style of Rage is Not One That Wins Over Converts

When I look at people at Tea Parties I see folks genuinely concered about the future of the country and the erosion of its founding principles. If that’s “rage” we need more of it, not less. But I have a feeling Peggy Noonan has been to as many Tea Parties as I’ve been to Chomsky lectures:

Yeah, Tea Party rage isn’t what wins elections. Like the time the Tea Party said “argue with them and get in their face.” Oh wait, that was President Obama. Or when the Tea Party raged that “voting is the best revenge.” Sorry… that was Obama too.

And then there was the time the Tea Party angrily pandered to blacks by warning “they’re gonna put y’all back in chains!” Oops, that was Joe Biden… nevermind.

Anyway, Noonan’s point is that rage doesn’t win over converts. Republican rage. Nonexistent Republican rage. Democrat rage retains the White House.

Author: Doug Powers

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