Rep. Kucinich Renews Call for Federal ‘Department of Peace’


Do you think horrific crimes are the result of there not being enough departments in our undersized federal government? If so, an Ohio Representative and kookmuffin escapee from an Orwell novel named Dennis Kucinich has a proposal for you:

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) on Monday afternoon resumed his call for a federal “Department of Peace,” which he said is needed to counteract a “cultural matrix” in the United States that produces violence.

“On a global level, this type of thinking justified war and brings the slaughter of innocents. Nationally, it sows seeds for murder,” he said on the House floor.

“Yet war abroad and violence at home are not inevitable. We have it within our power to recreate America today.”

“Let us create an organized, structured approach to become architects of a new culture of peace in our homes and our schools and our workplaces,” he added. “This is what the Department of Peace is about. Let us establish in America, where national security and peace at home includes jobs, housing, physical and mental healthcare, education, retirement security for all.”

Here’s Kucinich’s “Department of Peace” idea from a few years back — he calls his proposal the “Department of Peace” because “super gigantic welfare state” is already taken:

Author: Doug Powers

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