CBS Sunday Morning: ‘Is the Constitution Truly Worthy of Reverence in Which Most Americans Hold It?’ — Georgetown Law Prof: ‘Nah, Let’s Give Up on the Constitution’

Ever notice how these “we can get rid of the Constitution” types are always the same ones who run to the courts to claim First Amendment protections any time somebody tries to put a muzzle on them?

Here’s just one part from the Georgetown Prof’s justification for doing away with much of the Constitution:

For example, most of our greatest Presidents — Jefferson, Lincoln, Wilson, and both Roosevelts — had doubts about the Constitution, and many of them disobeyed it when it got in their way.

Hey, he forgot one. Wait, no he didn’t, because he qualified his statement with the word “greatest.” I stand corrected.

Presidents successfully skirting the Constitution don’t signal a problem with the Constitution — it’s a sign that there’s something wrong with the other two branches that are supposed to keep the president in check and often don’t.

The entire transcript is at Newsbusters.

Author: Doug Powers

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