For Google, He is Risen

And by “He” I’m referring to… Cesar Chavez:


On Easter Sunday, Google is honoring the birthday of the late labor organizer Cesar Chavez by placing a Chavez portrait within the middle “o” of the Google logo that appears on the homepage of the popular search engine.

While Google frequently decorates its logo to celebrate various holidays and special events, it is unclear why the company chose specifically to honor Chavez’s birthday, instead of Easter Sunday.

According to The Blaze, Google has never recognized Easter, but it is interesting that the company headed by a big Obama supporter would honor a union leader on the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Two years ago, President Obama declared March 31st “Cesar Chavez Day.” I imagine that Google’s explanation would be that they want to keep things secular, but if that’s the case then they probably should have just done nothing.

Suggestions for new Google mottos are popping up on Twitter:


If you’re looking for a search engine that at least hints at the fact that it’s Easter, Bing’s got you covered.

Blessed Easter (or Passover) to all our readers!

What a Peanut Farmer Would Advise You, Your Mother Never Would

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

The only thing that made me feel good about paying big bucks at the gas pump here in Missouri, is that I tell myself,  it’s a good thing that I don’t live in California, where gas got up to over $5 dollar a gallon last year. It’s the old self inflicted psychological, “Hey, at least I  don’t have cancer.” logic that seems to work every time.Jimmy Carter peanuts

It’s also a good marketing ploy: Look! Gas went down from $4.50 to $3.50! Whew!

The reason Californians pay such a hefty price  is because of the higher standards from the EPA. But Obama has come out and said he wants to make us all like California:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Reducing sulfur in gasoline and tightening emissions standards on cars beginning in 2017, as the Obama administration is proposing, would come with costs as well as rewards. The cost at the pump for cleaner air across the country could be less than a penny or as high as 9 cents a gallon, depending on who is providing the estimate.

The EPA is quick to add that the change aimed at cleaning up gasoline and automobile emissions would yield billions of dollars in health benefits by 2030 by slashing smog- and soot-forming pollution.

For those of us who actually remember how bad the pollution used to be in our cities, we are deeply impressed that Obama wants to save our lungs from the invisible smog that never happens here anymore.

It’s all for our health we are told, so pony up..but hey, if you want to inhale a big whiff of Mexican Green, and fill your lungs directly with a form of pollution more destructive than your grandfather’s old Marlboros, go ahead!  Since Colorado jumped on the legalization paddy, more states are considering hopping on the train to stoner highway…and you, like me, might be asking yourself…why?

Legalizing grass


(Hint: A stoned nation will accept just about anything as long as they can still afford pizza.) Not to mention, nobody can afford cigarettes anymore and taxing weed would make up lost revenue.)

This was also reported:

Former president Jimmy Carter came out this month and endorsed taxed-and-regulated weed. “I’m in favor of it,” Carter said. “I think it’s OK.” seems they are saying—Have some Acapulco Gold with some Canadian Black, but stay away from that cancer stick and gasoline, because we care about you. We don’t mind if you just stay home and get stoned. In fact… we’d appreciate it.

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

Sandy… the Disaster That Keeps On Giving

Guest Post written by Joyanna Adams

Hey—has anyone heard about how the poor victims from Hurricane Sandy are doing? It was only last October when we saw how Sandy, propitiously saved Obama’s Presidency, because the great Republican leader, Chris Christie, gave Obama a big hug for saving the nation.Obama and Sandy

After that Obama won a second term, and then the horror stories came out. Everyone was being ripped off, robbed, and ignored…for months. Well, that story just disappeared. I can’t find any news about the Sandy victims anywhere.

But, I did run across one of Harry Reid’s lessons in How to Get Billions: Load a disaster bill up with pork, then tell everyone to go home in hopes that nobody notices.

Remember the $51 Billion dollars that Chris Christie wanted? Remember that John Bonehead said no?

Here’s what was in the Senate bill:

$4 million for the Kennedy Space Center

(Getting rid of old astronauts cost a lot of money.)

$8 million to buy cars and equipment for the Homeland Security and Justice Departments

(Obama wants a new limo, and more hallow point bullets for the EPA.)

$20 million for a nationwide “Water Resources Priorities Study.”

(Actually, this is for the White House Staffers who cannot afford the bottled water in the cafeteria.)

$41 million for eight military bases including Guantanamo Bay

(Obama sent the money to the Saudi’s because they needed runways for those fighter jets he sent them, and the Bay needs an indoor swimming pool.)

$55.8 million for charting the debris from last year’s Japanese Tsunami

(Al Gore says he lost the charts, and needs more.)

$58 million for forest restoration on private land

(Private land? Is Ted Turner running out of money?)

$100 million for the federal Head Start Day care program

(To be renamed, “Getting a Head Start on learning to speak Spanish”)Chinese Salamander

$150 million for funding for Alaskan fisheries

(The victims of New Jersey will be given new jobs as fishermen in Alaska because Japan’s waters are not exactly fish ready yet.)

$188 million for new Amtrak lines (not repair, whole new lines)

(Warren Buffet payback)

$197 million “to protect coastal ecosystems and habitat impacted by Hurricane Sandy.”

(Payback to Michael Bloomberg who can now build the New Jersey Disneybloom World that he has planned for years…thanks to Sandy for clearing that space for him.)

$5.3 billion to the Army Corps of Engineers —that’s more than their annual budget.

(Obama still dreams of building the future of his dreams…we just don’t know where he plans to build it)

$10.78 billion for public transportation, most of which is allocated to future construction and improvements, not disaster relief.

(Pelosi still wants her personal train to Vegas.)

$13 billion would to ‘mitigation projects to prepare for future storms.

(We will need more disasters. How else will Congress be able to get their hands such porkulous wonder?)

$17 billion for wasteful Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) a program that has become notorious for its use as a backdoor earmark program.

(I have NO clue…probably Freddie and Fannie in Cairo.)

And last but not least: $38 billion dollars to study the mating habits of the giant salamander found in Janet Napolitano’s back yard.

Just kidding.  I made that up. Janet Napolitano does not have salamanders in her back yard.

But I bet she knows where to find $38 billion dollars..

Guest Post written by Joyanna Adams

The Right for Gay Marriage Divorce Court

Guest Post written by Joyanna Adams

Let me get this straight:

North Korea is threatening to nuke the United States just about every other day; The EU is falling apart and teetering on the road to becoming a totalitarian communist state; China, Russia, India, Brazil, and South Africa are forming the BRIC’S bank, which will replace the dollar as the world currency; the Feds are inflating our dollar monthly by propping up the stock market—pumping billions they don’t even have; Obamacare is about to kick in and destroy what’s left of the economy; Our kids are about to become wards of the fascist state with Microsoft’s Common Core: half the country is on food stamps; globalization has failed; prices on everything are about to go up; the Constitution is all but destroyed, China is building up its military present in Asia: and we are about to be swamped with everybody’s cousin from Mexico… and what is EVERYBODY talking about? Gay marriage.

Kris 43

What happened to the flavor of the month last year… women’s rights?  Sure glad our politicians have got their priorities straight, aren’t you?

And now, the GOP’s top progressives are merging into the democratic liberal gay agenda as smooth as the Missouri merges into the Mississippi, or in easier terms, as smooth as a Jack Daniels over the rocks, as you contemplate where you are going to get money to pay your back surgery bill.

Karl Rove says he can imagine a GOP candidate in 2016 supporting gay marriage.

Then there’s Mike Huckabee who thinks the people will desert the GOP in the next election if they do:

“They might. And if they do, they’re going to lose a large part of their base because evangelicals will take a walk,” he responds. “And it’s not because there’s an anti-homosexual mood, and nobody’s homophobic that I know of, but many of us, and I consider myself included, base our standards not on the latest Washington Post poll, but on an objective standard, not a subjective standard. “

As I was sitting in my local McDonald’s today, on the wall was a huge picture of an interracial couple, enjoying their McDonalds by the Arch. Someday, that same picture will have a same-sex couple kissing in front of the Arch with French fries in their mouths.

Are we ready for this “change” America? Or…does it matter

Guest Post written by Joyanna Adams

The Company You Keep… Just Might Make You Sick

Guest Post written by Joyanna Adams

Robert Redford is at it again…he is going to redeem Obama’s past mentors: Bill Ayers and his weather underground by making a movie about them.

Redford was at his best as the Sundance kid….that’s when he didn’t speak. Like the chauvinist woman that I pretend to be at the very right moments, I preferred him that way. I can’t stand it when he talks about politics. Obviously, he hasn’t read anything since Watergate, and his porn collection.

What? You haven’t heard about his famous porn collection? That’s according to some film student who accidently found Redford’s vast porn collection by mistake in his barn…at Sundance.

Yes…the whole barn. (VIA: Entertainment Tonight. I used to read a LOT of trash.)

I don’t have to try too hard to taint Redford’s reputation, he is going to do that himself with the upcoming movie he is making glorifying the Weathermen.

Deadline is reporting that Robert Redford and Shia LaBeouf have been cast to star in the political thriller, “The Company You Keep,” based on the Neil Gordon novel about the domestic terrorist group called the Weather Underground.

“The Company You Keep” tells the story of a 30 year long FBI manhunt for a Weather Underground terrorist, to be played by Redford, who must evade law enforcement after his identity is outed by an ambitious reporter (LaBeouf).

So…here’s the plot: These weathermen were protesting the slaughter of thousands killed in Vietnam by Nixon, and so they decided to bomb and kill some police (pigs to them) and start a revolution, and they were so misunderstood, harassed, and hunted down by the Nazi’s Republicans, their lives were horrible…but they single- handily stopped the Vietnam War..or something like that.

The film will leave out Bernardine Dohrn calling conservatives, “Racist, armed and hostile,” and the fact that Bill Ayers to this day, says he does not denounce the fact that despite their ineptitude, they did manage to kill a few dozen people.

—Or… that Obama was trained by Ayers personally in how to overthrow capitalist pigs.

I don’t remember Redford ever ‘protesting’ during the Vietnam War, but while the rest of the country moved on, the liberals keep pretending the sixties never ended.

So… look for the Oscars… just not in Redford’s barn.

Guest Post written by Joyanna Adams

Heh: Guy Auctions Off Jim Carrey Autographed Photo to Raise Money to Buy a Gun

Jim Carrey’s had a lot of practice talking out his ass both on screen and off. Carrey’s latest idiocy was to toss a blanket insult at everybody who believe in Second Amendment rights, which is why this is perfection:

A seller on eBAY is auctioning off his autographed photo of Jim Carrey so that he can afford to buy a gun to protect his family.

The seller says in the auction description:

“I’m selling this Jim Carrey Autographed B&W 8X10 Photo (mint condition) in hopes that I sell it for enough to buy a GUN to protect my family.

“I’m thinking of getting the Glock G30S .45 ACP Pistol which retails for $640 U.S.

“Hopefully I can get at least that much for the autographed photo. If it sells for more than I’ll get a laser sight for it and take some gun safety classes and get my “concealed carry” permit.”

The seller says he lost all respect for Carrey after watching his video which mocks Charlton Heston and gun owners.

As for the “heartless motherf*#@ers” and their gun violence culture Carrey denounces, if he wants to do something he should first have a chat with his fellow Hollywood hypocrites:

Rachel Maddow Brings the Comedy: Obama Avoids Coming on MSNBC Because He Know’s He’ll Be Asked Tough Questions

Chris Matthews agrees:


What “difficult questions” is Maddow referring to? “Is being my personal God a difficult burden to shoulder?”

Many of MSNBC’s hosts are also more liberal than the White House is, particularly on issues like drone warfare, indefinite detention, and relief for the financial sector. And Maddow argues that Obama avoids the network (he hasn’t agreed to an interview since 2008) in part because his people know he’s going to get asked difficult questions.

Obama probably doesn’t go on MSNBC because he got a new pair of mom jeans but doesn’t want them ruined by the epic leg humping that would take place (there’s a reason Chris Matthews has a nightly segment called “Let Me Finish”).

If anything, Obama won’t agree to an MSNBC interview because he might risk getting hit with a question or two about his broken campaign promises (closing Gitmo, no more warrantless wiretaps, etc.), and why submit to that if they’re going to be in the tank for him anyway?

Onward Definitely, Upward Perhaps, and Maybe a Little Bit Sideways…

Any of you who I’ve had the pleasure of having as “regulars” here have probably noticed that I rarely talk about my personal life. I’ve always wanted the focus to be on the issues of the day and an occasional fun aside instead of things like what I had for breakfast or the fact that my oldest son (17 going on 18) just got accepted into the National Honors Society (quite the accomplishment for the son of a guy who barely graduated high school “Thank You Laude” as Bill Cosby used to say).

So here’s happening: For the past 20 years, my “day job” has been working in varying capacities at a network affiliated television station here in Michigan, mostly as a department head and for a couple of years in the mid-2000’s as a Station Manager. There is a mass consolidation taking place all across the broadcast industry — centralization is the “expense cutting du jour” and it’s happening where I work. Imagine the chuckle I got when — three days after the re-election of Barack Obama — I was told I was losing my job. I’ve been writing about that happening to others for so long I guess somebody decided I got a taste of it myself. I wasn’t very surprised because I know what’s been going on in the industry, and it’s been going in that direction since well before Obama’s election, but the timing was comically symbolic.

I was told back in November that I’d be finished at the station by the end of January (they’re being very generous with severance so they really got no complaints from me). All I had to so was help prepare things for “hubbing,” meaning my workload will increase as people are eliminated until it’s my time to go, when the centralized hub takes over. Well, the date has been delayed and delayed (as they slowly realize they made a huge mistake but have invested too much in centralization to turn around now), and at this point it’s looking like I’ll be done with my “day job” toward the end of April.

As I mentioned, my workload and hours are actually increasing until ultimately somebody else takes it all over. In essence I’ve been asked to dig my own grave and then stand in front of the hole and wait for the bang. This means my blogging time for the next few weeks will be decreased significantly. I already burn the candle at both ends quite a bit (between that job, blogging at Michelle’s and here) and there just won’t be enough hours in the day in April. So I’m happy to announce that Joyanna Adams has graciously accepted my offer to guest blog here in April. I first got to know Joyanna back when we both blogged at, and have always admired her unique and original approach to the subjects she writes about. I’ll still pop in from time to time.

Long term: Losing my main source of income for the last two decades with three kids to feed and send through school is — believe it or not — a good thing in my case. In the short term, after I’m finished there, I’ll have much more time to devote to writing and blogging, and I also have another career option more closely related to what I love doing, but nothing’s finalized yet — I’ll announce that only after it’s a done deal. Over the years I had a few job offers related to the field of writing and editing that I turned down because of the security of my “day job” (and in one case because I didn’t want to move my family to Washington, DC) but recently somebody made the decision for me — and I guess that job wasn’t so “secure” after all. Plus I spend five hours a week just driving to work and back home — half of a work-day per week wasted in a car. I’m looking forward to getting that time back and applying it elsewhere.

I’ll still keep this site going, though it may slow down just a bit, and I’ll be continuing to write at Michelle Malkin’s blog as long as she’s good enough to keep me around (I’m eternally grateful to Michelle and her husband Jesse for the opportunity). As I mentioned, in April all bets are off as to the amount of time I’ll be able to devote to blogging on any venue). Starting in May, the new adventure begins. Until then I’ll be tapering off just a bit, but I didn’t want anybody thinking I was giving up. Soon I’ll have more time than ever to devote to what I’ve grown to love doing, as well as to do it more in depth.

Thanks for listening, and thanks even more for the support and great comments over the months and years!

Dept. of Education Removes Mao Quote from Website for Kids

I’m sure the Obama administration will see to it that somebody is fired over this — the person who removed the quote, that is:

A U.S. government website geared toward children under the umbrella of the Department of Education yanked a quote from Communist leader Mao Zedong off its page on Friday after it went viral on social media.

“Our attitude towards ourselves should be ‘to be satiable in learning’ and towards others ‘to be tireless in teaching,’” read what appeared to be a somewhat mangled Mao quote on the “Kids’ Zone” webpage of the National Center for Education Statistics.

This is how it appeared:


Mao also said “to read too many books is harmful.” When will the US Department of Education post that one?

After it was noticed, the quote was removed and the acting press secretary for the Department of Education kinda-sorta blamed Bush:

“The Kids’ Zone website hosted by the National Center of Education Statistics earlier today featured a poorly chosen quote, intended to highlight the importance of teaching and learning, in the ‘Quote of the Day’ feature. This feature, which automatically generates one education-related quote per day from a database of quotes last updated in 2007, has been temporarily suspended pending a review of the database’s contents.”

Just to be safe they’ll probably replace any other Mao quotes with the sage wisdom of Hugo Chavez and Saul Alinsky.

Official Tasked with Setting up Obamacare Exchanges Coins Perfect Slogan for the Law


I don’t know about you, but I’m getting more confident every day:

With time-running out before the major provisions of President Obama’s health care law are set to be implemented, the official tasked with making sure the law’s key insurance exchanges are up and running is already lowering expectations.

“The time for debating about the size of text on the screen or the color or is it a world-class user experience, that’s what we used to talk about two years ago,” Henry Chao, an official at the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services who is overseeing the technology of the exchanges said at a recent conference. “Let’s just make sure it’s not a third-world experience.”

The perfect slogan: “Obamacare: Trying hard to not make it a third world experience.”

The backup slogan is of course “You think you hate it now, but wait’ll we implement it.”

I’m sure they’ll succeed in keeping health care from becoming “third world’ in the same way they’re succeeding in keeping it affordable.