Pets Move! FLOTUS Speaks on the Importance of Dog Exercise and Nutrition

Last week we talked about Pet Food Stamps, a private charity aimed at helping those who struggle to afford pet food in this glorious age of Hope & Change. I remarked that it probably wouldn’t be long before the government jumped on board.

I think we’re moving in that direction:

During her Google Hangout today, First Lady Michelle Obama reminded the audience that dogs need a proper diet and exercise, just like children do.

The First Lady admitted that President Obama liked to tease their own dog, “Bo” for being lazy, but that they encouraged her girls to take him on walks.

“Dogs are no different,” Michelle Obama explained to a woman on the chat. “You want to make sure they are eating a balanced diet, and if they are not an active dog, make sure that their food is reflective of an inactive dog and then get them out there and throw that ball and get them running.”

I assume this means that we’re just a few weeks away from dogs complaining about their government-provided lunches just like the students.

Author: Doug Powers

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