The Company You Keep… Just Might Make You Sick

Guest Post written by Joyanna Adams

Robert Redford is at it again…he is going to redeem Obama’s past mentors: Bill Ayers and his weather underground by making a movie about them.

Redford was at his best as the Sundance kid….that’s when he didn’t speak. Like the chauvinist woman that I pretend to be at the very right moments, I preferred him that way. I can’t stand it when he talks about politics. Obviously, he hasn’t read anything since Watergate, and his porn collection.

What? You haven’t heard about his famous porn collection? That’s according to some film student who accidently found Redford’s vast porn collection by mistake in his barn…at Sundance.

Yes…the whole barn. (VIA: Entertainment Tonight. I used to read a LOT of trash.)

I don’t have to try too hard to taint Redford’s reputation, he is going to do that himself with the upcoming movie he is making glorifying the Weathermen.

Deadline is reporting that Robert Redford and Shia LaBeouf have been cast to star in the political thriller, “The Company You Keep,” based on the Neil Gordon novel about the domestic terrorist group called the Weather Underground.

“The Company You Keep” tells the story of a 30 year long FBI manhunt for a Weather Underground terrorist, to be played by Redford, who must evade law enforcement after his identity is outed by an ambitious reporter (LaBeouf).

So…here’s the plot: These weathermen were protesting the slaughter of thousands killed in Vietnam by Nixon, and so they decided to bomb and kill some police (pigs to them) and start a revolution, and they were so misunderstood, harassed, and hunted down by the Nazi’s Republicans, their lives were horrible…but they single- handily stopped the Vietnam War..or something like that.

The film will leave out Bernardine Dohrn calling conservatives, “Racist, armed and hostile,” and the fact that Bill Ayers to this day, says he does not denounce the fact that despite their ineptitude, they did manage to kill a few dozen people.

—Or… that Obama was trained by Ayers personally in how to overthrow capitalist pigs.

I don’t remember Redford ever ‘protesting’ during the Vietnam War, but while the rest of the country moved on, the liberals keep pretending the sixties never ended.

So… look for the Oscars… just not in Redford’s barn.

Guest Post written by Joyanna Adams