Doublespeaking Bible Thumpers and Illegal Immigrants

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

Yesterday, Laura Ingram and Bill O’Reilly got into a big argument on the O’Reilly show. It was all about Bill’s use of the words, ‘Bible Thumper.’ Today on the radio, Rush Limbaugh came out and agreed with Bill, (after not agreeing with him) as did Charles Krauthammer the day before.

The men stated that they were all on Bill’s side. Where’s an intelligent feminist when you need them? (We need a Power joke here…and a rim shot. Mr. Powers is about to SINK the second Titanic so we should just count the days till he’s back and pray for me until that day: )

Anyway, that’s three against one. While Bill’s argument was that it was okay to say the words ‘Bible Thumper’ when describing the nutcases on the right, (Bill’s words not mine) has some merit, the words ‘Bible Thumper’ hits a low blow to the many religious people in the country. So… tell me, would Bill O’Reilly use the “N”word just as freely to make a point? Both are derogatory descriptions.

After all, wouldn’t a Catholic be considered a ‘Bible Thumper’? Don’t they go by the Bible? Isn’t Bill O’Reilly a proud Catholic? Isn’t Bill O’Reilly a ‘Bible Thumper’ then?

I don’t get it.

If you watch the film, Bill is furious…and you get from his own body language (Yes Bill, watch your own body language) that this goes beyond someone challanging his choice of words. It makes you think that he really does beleive that ‘Bible Thumpers’ have not come up with a good enough reason to argue against gay marriage, and he’s really angry about that. Just saying it’s in the Bible isn’t enough for Bill.

Well Bill.. instead of attacking religious people, why not give them some good NON-BIBLE THUMPING arguments yourself! (Did he hear me?)

Let’s say the arugment was about race. And Bill had said that “n#gg#$s” had to get a better argument than just the claim that all whites are racists.

“Bible Thumper”, and “n*gg*#” are nouns. They describe people. Yet, white people are not allowed to say the ‘N’ word, but everyone can say Bible Thumper, Red Neck, BB Brain…illegal immigrant…..

Wait! You’re not suppose to say illegal immigrant anymore. The illegals might get offended.  How about we stop saying, “The Honorable Hillary Clinton?”

What has happened to free speech? If I want to say that I know a bible thumping n#gg&g, can I pretend I’m Bill O’Reilly?

What if Bill had said…iiligals immigrants need to strengthen their argument about why they should get free health care? According the the associated Press, millions of illegals are offended when you call them that.

You can pick and choose what nasty words you call anyone, Bill—but, if you are going to use a word that people get offended by, why not also admit that you would mind it if they came to your house and thumped on their Bibles.

Or…is it the Bible that you’re having a problem with?

So…Okay guys (Take it away Granny 55)  What do YOU think? Do you side with Bill, or Laura? Who’s right? Or should we be really asking if the country was founded by Christians or Gays?

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams