Mother of Slain Benghazi Official: Questions Not Being Answered

The words of Pat Smith, mother of Sean Smith, a State Department employee killed in Libya, offer sad testimony to the state of affairs about Benghazi and the pathetic Obama administration CYA over everything leading up to, during and after the attack, and it deserves to be heard.

Audio from the Sean Hannity radio show, via Mediaite and Weasel Zippers:

On Friday, Sean Hannity brought Pat Smith, mother of the late Sean Smith, on his radio program. The 34-year-old information management officer was one of four Americans murdered in the Benghazi embassy attack on September 11, 2012.

In the chilling interview, a distraught Ms. Smith, in tears, pleaded for answers and spoke of the efforts to silence her.

Ms. Smith first relayed how her son, prior to the attack, requested additional security in advance and warned the State Department:

This poor woman, like any of us would if it were a member of our families, just wants answers, and she’s not getting them. I’m not sure she ever will. This thing runs deep and wide.

When Smith says “they” want her to shut up and “they” aren’t necessarily part of the Obama administration, “they” are more than likely those who really want Hillary as the next president and don’t want it screwed up by some woman seeking answers regarding her son’s murder.

Author: Doug Powers

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