When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Go Play Golf…

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

“Fear is the foundation of most governments” – John Adams
Hey… what happened? Kim Jung Minnie-Me and Barak Obama, “Go and ahead and ‘test’ me,” have taken the weekend off. All last week we were on the verge of WWIII, according to some pundits. Should either of them get a break from their important task of scaring their citizens out of their minds? Isn’t that the most important job of both men? Kim Jung makes threatening videos and poses countless hours with his generals. Obama doesn’t need video’s, he has ‘it’s the end of the world’ speech writers and— Nancy Pelosi. I’d say both men so far, have been doing a bang-up job in the “scare the little pion powerless citizen” department.

Despots have a hard job. Kim Jung short

But, despite the endless hours networks have devoted to the subject of Kim Jung Minnie-May saying he is going to destroy America, for the last few days, Obama, has been on the golf course. Who knows what Kim Jung Minnie Moo-Moo is doing this weekend? He’s probably dressing up as a transvestite and singing Elvis songs in front of the only mirror in North Korea, but how would we know? The networks were on weekend North Korean vacation too.

I don’t get it.

As usual, the American people are hearing all kinds of disinformation about North Korea: We should be scared of North Korea—- We should not be scared of North Korea. Kim Jung Uno is just a lot of cream puff talk. He is doing this all for show. Obama is not the least bit concerned, and so that’s why he sent two stealth bombers all the way from Missouri, just to show Kim Jung that he might have some missile launchers, but he doesn’t have one of those babies.

And then the critics say that Obama could start WWIII by given Kim Jung Mini-Me an excuse to set off a nuke, because Obama threatened him with stealth bombers. And so, just like he had to apologize for upsetting the feminists about saying some woman was hot, he had to reel down U.S. threats. Therefore, Obama has decided to not participate in upcoming war games. Critics said: Obama got too aggressive and messed up. Better to say that, than to admit that sending Dennis Rodman to North Korea was not exactly his finest moment. (He has yet to have one, but we can hope.)

In the meantime, we have 30,000 soldiers as sitting ducks over there, wondering why Obama gets to play golf every other day.

So, this is a show of whose got the bigger gun?Obama playing golf

Experts on the one side say we should take this seriously. Kim Jung Un has the capability to sent an EMP over the middle of the U.S., and none of our politicians are spending any money on our infrastructure to show up our electrical grid. Nope…the money is going to movies and zombie training so that when it happens, we’ll all know how to survive the shock.  Revolution, Zombie Apocalypse, Defiance, Red Dawn, Olympus Rising…the U.S. ends every other day…just pick your channel.

On a logical note: Wouldn’t Russia, China, and Iran like to see the U.S. destroyed? And helping some tiny punk do the bidding would excuse them from taking the blame.

Obama in the meantime, has a difficulty for every solution: When the going gets tough, the ‘tough’ go and play golf.

In the meantime, everyone is saying we just have to make it to April 11.

So— will we all live another day to play golf? Not sure, but I bet you Kim Jong’s spiffy little uniform that Obama has a mini golf course in his bunker.

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams