US Tax Code: 13 Miles Long and Growing

To the DC Dems, a 13 mile long tax code is patriotic because each mile proudly represents one of the original 13 colonies:

According to CCH Standard Federal Tax Reporter, the current U.S. Federal Tax code is 73,954 pages long.

A standard sheet of paper is 8.5 inches in width by 11 inches in length.

If we multiply the length of the paper (11 inches) by 73,954 pages, we get 813,494 inches. That equals 67,791 feet.

A mile is 5,280 feet long. Divide the 67,791 feet by one mile and you get 12.84 miles of tax code!

That’s not nearly long enough, according to Obama’s latest budget proposal, a fiscal monster that would add many new taxes.

And the Democrats won’t stop until the Obamacare bill is at least the same size as the tax code (click here to enlarge):


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Author: Doug Powers

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