Remember To Yell ‘Benghazi’ — Preferably When Someone Scores in Basketball

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

In his second term, Obama is fearless. When the news came out that the administration had threatened the witnesses of Benghazi against testifying — hindering all requested lawyer representation — Obama immediately called a press conference, and looked down at his notes and asked himself the question he wanted asked. That question was from a loyal reporter whose worried face expressed caring and devotion to the man who had just called and congratulated a gay and black basketball player for coming out and admitting in this world of religious zealots that… he was gay. (I say, let’s reward him by sending him to Benghazi!)

The reporter wanted to know — amidst all the latest stories about the Boston Bombing — what would this do to Obama’s agenda? As if Obama’s agenda was the most important thing to happen to the world since… the birth of Obama.

And to that, Obama talked forever about how all his wonderful programs were going to come, and if we were not graced by them, it was because the Republicans were holding his greatness back.

Obama quoted Mark Twain: “The news of my demise has been exaggerated.” (To that Mark Twain would say: “Too bad.”)

Clearly, Obama and Hillary Clinton left the people in Benghazi to die. Neither one of them tried to save them. In fact, they set them up for it by not addressing the many letters sent to them saying: “We’re going to die here! HELP!”

I suggest we all stand around at Starbucks and just yell “I want a latte with a double squirt of caramel and… Benghazi!”

Or, when we go to a movie, yell in the dark right before the credits roll: “Benghazi!”

How about in the bathroom of the local Home Depot: If you are shy, while in your stall, just yell “Benghazi” until everyone leaves. It’s also important that we keep the memory alive in the general population. In fact, be brave. Go down to your local police station and yell “Benghazi!” Be sure to have your best running shoes on.

Because if we don’t, we will only see more of this:

Guest post written by Joyanna Adams

Update (DP): Related to Joyanna’s post, here’s Jay Carney today saying Benghazi happened “a long time ago.” Try saying that to the faces of the family members, Jay.