Robert Reich tries his hand at comedy again: ‘Where has our national government gone?’


Last night I ran across this recent tweet by Robert Reich (arrowed above next to President Obama), the diminutive former labor secretary under Bill Clinton literally and current wacky liberal economist. It sums up the left’s view of government while serving as the definition of delusional:

Because you can’t hear “Obama administration” without thinking “returning control to the states.”

These are the people who have managed to pass themselves off as “intelligent” in some circles (and by “some circles” I mean roundtable discussions at Columbia University and/or Chris Matthews’ cocktail parties).

Where has the Federal government gone? Nowhere:


If only more power had been returned to the states. That how it’s supposed to be:

The Tenth Amendment states the Constitution’s principle of federalism by providing that powers not granted to the federal government by the Constitution, nor prohibited to the States, are reserved to the States or the people.

Reich is one seriously funny guy. I don’t think he’s quite as funny as Krugman but he’s getting there.

Author: Doug Powers

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