Obama in Berlin: How Times Have Changed

The “been there, heard that” factor combined with reality setting in has caught up with and passed Obama:

The White House pool report reveals that only 6,000 will be in attendance for Obama’s Berlin speech today:

The stage for the president’s speech is set up on the East side of the Brandenburg Gate, in the old East Berlin. The sun is pounding down and there are around 6,000 invited guests according to German authorities. There are bleachers set up either side of the square, with a big two storey riser facing the stage which has a row of bullet proof glass and 12 US, German and EU flags and the grand backdrop of the Gate. There is a large standing crowd between the bleachers.

Last time around, when Obama delivered a speech in Berlin in the 2008 presidential campaign, when he was still a senator, 200,000 folks came out to see him.

In 2008 anybody could attend. This year’s speech was for “invited guests only.” Gee, I wonder why?

Obama’s speech was pretty much the same stuff he served up in 2008, except now the only hope the administration has is to parrot the same empty promises and hope that everybody forgets who’s been in charge for the last nearly five years. Chris Matthews however chooses to ignore reality and blame the sun (where was Obama’s umbrella-holding Marine?).

As a result of a crippled TOTUS and the tightly controlled atmosphere, the scene was much different compared to 2008:


By the end of 2016 this is going to be the “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” of administrations.

Update: I should have made a disclaimer when I said the speech was “invitation only.” That is to say the White House claims it was invitation only, but I find it hard to believe they’d willingly leave so much space empty.

Author: Doug Powers

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