Awkward Moments in Court Testimony History: ‘Star Witness’ for Prosecution in Martin Trial Quickly Falling Apart

If this is the “star witness” for the prosecution, it probably comes as good news to George Zimmerman.

From ABC News:

A teenage friend of Trayvon Martin was forced to admit today in the George Zimmerman murder trial that she did not write a letter that was sent to Martin’s mother describing what she allegedly heard on a phone call with Martin moments before he was shot.

In a painfully embarassing moment, Rachel Jeantel was asked to read the letter out loud in court.

“Are you able to read that at all?” defense attorney Don West asked.

Jeantel, head bowed, eyes averted whispered into the court microphone, “Some but not all. I don’t read cursive.”

It sent a hush through the packed courtroom.

Jeantel, 19, was unable to read any of the letter save for her name.

The defense is going to have a field day when it comes to destroying her credibility:

Before the 19-year-old testified for the first time yesterday, postings on her Twitter account were reported on by the Smoking Gun, where she wrote about the case, getting high, drink driving and tweeted a picture of her ‘court nails’.

Overnight, her account appeared to have been cleaned up, with more than 40 tweets deleted, including the picture of her nails.

The references she made to Trayvon’s death and the case, including having ‘jackass lawyers on my ass’, were also deleted.

The Smoking Gun reported that on Jeantel’s sanitized Twitter account, the number of published tweets plummeted from 202 to 146.

Four tweets referring to drinking alcohol and taking drugs from February 24 were also deleted. At 19-years-old Jeantel is two years shy of the legal drinking age.

‘Party time let get high’, ‘Omg everybody high’ and ‘Lol we going to hell for smoke on Sunday I need some more drink’ have all been removed as has another reference to drink driving in which she said: ‘I hope I dnt hit no one tonight lord plz watch my driving.’

Jeantel is now claiming Martin told her on the phone he was being followed by a “creepy ass cracker,” which she never mentioned in previous testimony and wasn’t mentioned in her account of the incident in the letter to Martin’s parents that she had somebody else write.

Here’s an epically awkward moment from Jeantel’s testimony:

The prosecution is really trying to reel this witness back in now, but it might be too late:

Hinging a conviction on Jeantel could end up being a prosecution blunder that ends up being taught in law school as an example of what not to do.

Author: Doug Powers

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