Planned Parenthood: The Business of Abortion

Have you ever noticed that the left often believes that corporations exist for profits and profits only, consumer be damned, but that the corporation that is Planned Parenthood is somehow an exception to that?

When it comes to profit motivation, Planned Parenthood makes Bain Capitol and Halliburton look like nunneries:

Planned Parenthood’s condoms were the worst quality? Figures. Why would you buy a condom from an abortion provider? To get a grip on PP’s thinking on this we need only paraphrase from the Joe Dirt School of Business: “And when the condom breaks and she gets pregnant, she comes back to you for the abortion — you win twice, brother, IT’S GOOD BIZ!”

And yet PP pretends they’re not motivated by profits, don’t make money providing abortions and don’t target minority communities. How fast would Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton organize protests if a Tea Partier opened a clinic in a black neighborhood and put out a sign that said “get rid of your unwanted baby here”? And yet somehow PP gets away with it. Why is that?

(h/t Kristina Hernandez)

Related: A Senate panel just OK’d leftist wacko law prof Cornelia Pillard, who is Obama’s pick to serve on an appeals court. Pillard makes Ruth Bader Ginsburg look like Antonin Scalia, having once said abortion is a necessity in order to “free women from historically routine conscription into maternity.”

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Author: Doug Powers

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